Oct 072014
Vintage Boler trailer

This 13 foot Boler – or 3.96 metre if we must metric-ize it – and I usually do but admittedly the conversion here is downright awkward – was spotted on a blustery, miserable, cold and rainy day in the central Alberta town of Innisfail. It was not a day conducive to photography and we did something we rarely do, we shot from the car. Love those funky curtains!

This Boler sighting is from July, 2014.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. Very collectible and a we make a fun game spotting them on road trips.

If you need any more information, by all means contact us!

Reference: The Bolerama.

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Vintage Boler trailer

Spotted in Innisfail Alberta.

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