Nov 252014
Willowpark Calgary

If you’re a regular reader you have no doubt have seen some of our trademark then and now posts. In them, we ask people to send us random old photos or postcards, typically showing a local street scene, which we then visit to see what things looks like today and then post the results here on the BIGDoer website.

For many of the more obscure subjects the location is often not known, requiring us to call on our detective skills to track them down instead. These are the ones we like the best. Here’s an extreme example, a nondescript house, one of many tens of thousands in the city, on a similarly unremarkable street, which were asked to find, not to historically document, but strictly for fun. A real needle in a haystack challenge.

It took some time and we had to work our brains a bit, but we were successful.

The person who sent the photo mentions it came from an old family album but did not know the house or the person seen near it, nor how they came to crash their motorcycle. It’s all a mystery to them. I offered to take it further but they were happy just knowing the location. Sometimes that’s enough. I’d guess the picture is from the early 1970s. Look how much the trees have grown!

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Short Subjects: reports that for any number of reasons are brief in nature. They might be updates to older articles, previews of posts not yet published, brief snippets of things that don’t fit in anywhere else or subjects that are so obscure that information on them can’t be found.

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Date of adventure: June, 2014.
Location: Calgary, AB.

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Calgary Willowpark

A reader asked us to find this unknown Calgary location (pic circa 1970).

Willowpark Calgary

And here it is…

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6 Comments on "Needle in a haystack challenge"

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Lisa B
Lisa B

If anyone could do this, it had to be you Chris! amazing

Lisa Grahn
Lisa Grahn

Holy…that has to have been quite the challenge. Good thing they didn’t bulldoze a house down! Geez…

Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

How you found this is beyond me!