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Fort MacLeod train bridge

The massive railway bridge seen here has not been used for years and once belong to the Canadian Pacific Railway. It spans the Oldman River near Fort MacLeod Alberta and was partially damaged by the spring 2013 floods. This was just a cursory visit to gauge how the structure was affected by that event. As it turns out it did not appear to have suffered to any great extent with the only obvious problem being an undercut abutment on the north end. Otherwise, it looked fine (the CPR always overbuilt things).

The railway line here was last used perhaps a decade of so ago, and was subsequently pulled up. The bridge was left in place, likely as it’d be too costly to remove. This section of track was the CPR’s MacLeod Subdivision which ran from Calgary to Fort MacLeod.

Connie and I plan to revisit the bridge at some point in the future, to document it further. It’s interesting enough to warrant a more detailed report of its own.

There is no public access to this bridge!

To see some nearby railway ruins we explored the year before, go here…
Fort MacLeod turntable and roundhouse remains.

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Date of adventure: July, 2014.
Location: Fort MacLeod, AB.

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Fort MacLeod train bridge

The disused CPR train bridge in Fort MacLeod, damaged by spring 2013 floods.

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6 Comments on "Fort MacLeod railway bridge"

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Dread P Roberts
Dread P Roberts

howd u get there…thought it was private property?

B Dunne
B Dunne

Too sad that this line got scrapped. Had fond memories looking out the car window when we headed up and back from Calgary along hwy 2.

Graham Booth
Graham Booth

I would love to see a more detailed report on abandoned Macleod Subdivision. I have seen this bridges a number of times and always wanted to explore them, so it is great you got permission to get his close.