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Stranraer Saskatchewan School

This little school is closed, the community it’s in, a shadow of its former self. This is small town Saskatchewan in the twenty first century. The location is Stranraer, some fifty clicks from Rosetown, the nearest “big’ burg, some hundred and fifty from Saskatoon, the closest city, and about three hundred and eighty thousand from the moon. Not that it matters, no one comes here to visit anyway, it seems. Except maybe to stop a short while, as we did, to photograph the picturesque little brick schoolhouse that sits right beside the highway.

This is the Stranraer School opened in 1927, replacing an earlier, smaller facility that dated back to 1912. As the local population shrunk enrollment declined and the facility was forced to close in 1969. As goes the town, so does the school. It’s just one more disused place of learning, in a forgotten town. Kids, what few live here, are now bused to someplace else.

A mural, showing Stranraer back in its heyday, adorns some boarded over windows. Notice the grain elevators, the railway, a bustling downtown. Most of what’s seen is all gone now (the train tracks remain but are disused). We leave a little heartbroken.

The nearby church…
Stranraer Saskatchewan United Church.

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Date of adventure: June, 2015.
Location: Stranraer, SK.
This school grounds are publicly accessible.

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Stranraer Saskatchewan School

The Stranraer Saskatchewan School in use from 1927-1969.

Stranraer SK School mural

A mural depicting the town in its heyday.

Stranraer SK United Church

The Stranraer United Church nearby.

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Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

That was one fun trip!