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Stampede Speedway Calgary

The Stampede Speedway didn’t last long and was only in business from 1980-1985. A dirt track, it was once located well away from Calgary, so noise from racing was not a problem. Today, the city is encroaching on the lands and I bet it’s on borrowed time. The general area is an industrial park and perhaps soon the old race track will be a site for warehouses or factories. This was the second track with this name. An earlier one operated in the late 1960s elsewhere in town.

In spite of being closed some three decades ago, and later demolished, there is still some remains left behind to reminded us of what once stood here. The banked oval is grassed over, but is easily recognizable. A wall of tires still protects the infield. Bits of sidewalk and foundation remains can be found in the grass here and there, and at one end the track, a pile of jumbled concrete can be seen.

A police cruiser followed us into the site, no doubt thinking we were up to no good. It took a bit of convincing for the officer to believe we were here as historians and not trouble makers. Being it’s such an obscure site, with so little to see really, I guess we understood his concerns.

Another speedway we visited recently…
Figure 8…of FEAR!

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Date of adventure: November, 2015.
Location: Calgary, AB.
The old race track is private property. visited with permission.

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Stampede Speedway

Remains of the Stampede Speedway in Calgary – a banked corner is seen here.

Stampede Speedway Calgary

Pretty much all that’s left is a wall of old tires and the grassed-over track.

Calgary Stampede Speedway

Looking down a straight-away.

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8 Comments on "Stampede Speedway"

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Greg McKee
Greg McKee

Really loving these posts!

Gail Paish Walt
Gail Paish Walt

Sad Calgary has no race track…I took my 3 sons to many races at Circle 8 and Race City…

George Stringam
George Stringam

It’s really sad when places like race tracks go down. All the anticipation and excitement that was once there is gone. Maybe when you stand out in the infield on a calm day and conditions are right, you can almost hear the roar of engines and the cheers from the crowd. Yeah, I can get a little morose but I was the resident photographer at Bridge County for (5) years. They ran it for 20 years and decided to call it a day. I still get a twinge every time I drive past that track.

Keith Nikles
Keith Nikles

Spent many weekends there!