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Locomotive Turntable

The CPR’s short Pecten Subdivision runs from the Crowsnest Subdivision mainline, at the town of Brocket Alberta just east of the Crowsnest Pass, south towards a large gas plant, Shell’s Waterton Complex at Pecten. Very near the end of this line, south of Pincher Creek, is train bridge crossing over the highway. Nothing special here? Pretty run of the mill structure, yeah?

In fact, there’s something unique about it. Put in place in the early 1960s, the main span is an old locomotive turntable dating back to the days of steam. It’s believed in came in from Lethbridge, a bit to the east, although an often reliable source states otherwise and suggests it’s from far away Empress, very near the Saskatchewan border. Our own research, thus far, can’t confirm either.

As such, there is only one thing to do, keep digging and revisit the subject when we know more. New pictures maybe, a boat load of new info (we hope), and a new article to tie it all together. Sounds good. Now if we can only schedule it so we capture a train on the structure (they don’t run often here). That would be perfect.

A long abandoned train bridge in a remote location…
Bridge hunting – Bullpound Alberta.

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Date of adventure: July, 2015.
Location: South of Pincher Creek, AB.
The bridge can be viewed from the road.

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Locomotive Turntable

This railway bridge was made from an old locomotive turntable.

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6 Comments on "Turntable turned bridge"

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Reed Meachin
Reed Meachin

I worked on the Pecten Sub in the late eighties and early nineties.

Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

Fun on the ghost town tour!

Ted V.
Ted V.

I’ve driven under that bridge several times but never knew it was made of a turntable. Neat!