Nov 252016
Cabin in the Woods

Not much is left of this cabin. Located deep in the woods of the Crownest Pass Alberta, along an old pack trail, and towered over by precipitous peaks, it’s connected to a small coal mine operation of which little information is known. We did dig up (get it) a few snippets however, but data was confusing, contradictory and muddled and did little to help. One records states it was a prospect mine (to test the waters if you will) in operation for a few years in the late 1910s/early 1920s under several owners. Another makes mention it as a working mine, in operation from the late 1910s to the early 1940s and with a small production record.

Regardless of which, and I tend to think the former, the mine didn’t produce much. The small waste dump points to that. Mine records go on to state that coal was of poor quality and the seam thin and spotty.

The tumbled down cabin sits next to the waste dump. The old mine entry has been closed off, but it’s easy to see where it was. But that’s all there is. There’s nothing else to indicate anything was ever here. The whole site is well grown over and it’d be easy to miss if one didn’t know what they were looking at. Remains of a very old car were found on the rough trail up to the mine.

In stark contrast, this huge coal mine nearby…
Tent Mountain was torn a new one.

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Date of adventure: October, 2016.
Location: Crowsnest Pass, AB.

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Old Car in the Woods

Remains of a very old car on the trail to the cabin.

Cabin in the Woods

The dwelling was connected to a small coal mine operation.

Small Coal Mine Crowsnest Pass

This was the mine dump, now grassed over. Cabin right.

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6 Comments on "Cabin in the Woods"

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Ben Dyer
Ben Dyer

Wow very cool, love this stuff!

Dennis Groundwater
Dennis Groundwater

(via Facebook)
Looks like a model T cowl, late teens, early twentys.

Tracy Murray
Tracy Murray

(via Facebook)
We have been here! It is beautiful!