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Apr 082013
Brokeback Mountain then and now – getting married and drive in movie

In this, our second of hopefully many Brokeback Mountain then-and-now articles we’ll do, we take a look at two separate scenes from the movie. In the first, the characters Ennis and Alma are getting married in a quaint little church and in the second setting they are seen at the drive in movie theatre. Both […]

Apr 012013
Silver Streak movie - behind the scenes

These “then” pictures from the 1976 movie Silver Streak aren’t that terribly interesting and normally we’d ignore them as being not worth a report. However, with the discovery of some behind the scenes shots taken by ex-CPR employee Larry Buchan while they filmed these scenes, it takes on a whole new dimension. Now it’s interesting! […]

Jan 152015
Horseshoe Dam

Just over century old, the Horseshoe Dam (also called the Horseshoe Falls Dam) is located along the Bow River in the foothills west of Calgary. This massive concrete structure was the very first sizable hydroelectric facility in Alberta and to this day continues to supply power for the province’s needs. Seldom seen by the general […]

May 292017
Brokeback Mountain then and now - Twist Ranch

An old farm, forgotten, falling down, weather beaten, open to the elements, home only to pigeons, the wind and maybe unseen ghosts. It’s a sombre place, they always are, the property overgrown, the last occupants long moved away, passed on and but a memory. Without exception these two sentences pretty much summarize near every last […]

Nov 052014
Days of Heaven - final scene

Our very first Days of Heaven then and now (I am sure there will be more) interestingly and perhaps more so, strangely, takes in the ending scene from that movie. Sort of a backwards way to start a series, I guess, but what the heck. The filming location was Calgary’s Heritage Park, which we visit […]