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Oct 182016
Prairie Sentinels – Flaxcombe Saskatchewan

Today we visit the lone grain elevator in Flaxcombe Saskatchewan. In the past there were a number of such structures in the community, but this is the last one. It’s a rare beast, here, and especially so when taken in the scope of the entire province – it’s one of some four hundred-ish like it […]

Sep 082016
Providence Grain – Marengo Saskatchewan

The always on the go crew are in the tiny burg of Marengo Saskatchewan to document the Providence Grain facility located there. Join us for a tour of this working grain elevator. It’s a bit different and is not one of the those high-throughput concrete super terminals common today, even if it sort of […]

Oct 292015
Prairie Sentinels – Fiske Saskatchewan

We’re crazy in love with old grain elevators and even though a lot of them have been lost over the last couple decades, Saskatchewan is still home to many. One of these can be found in the in the tiny middle-of-nowhere burg of Fiske, in the western part of the province. It’s a nice one, but of course all of them are.

Sep 232015
Prairie Sentinels - Plenty Saskatchewan

There is an old wood-cribbed grain elevator in Plenty Saskatchewan, which we’ll be looking at here. These once common buildings, which could be seen all over the prairies, are pretty few and far between today, most of them having been torn down in the last couple decades. This one is even more unique as it’s still being used.

Jul 202015
Coleville Saskatchewan Pool "A"

Today we look at the former Pool grain elevator in Coleville Saskatchewan, not a really old building compared to some we’ve documented, but still one of interest. Problem, though, it was raining, very hard at times, and we had the choice to wait it out (but we were short on time), risk getting the camera […]

Jul 082015
Prairie Sentinels - Tessier Saskatchewan

We’re in Saskatchewan seeking ghost towns and grain elevators and as much adventure as we can handle. Stopping in the tiny community (redundant statement – nearly all Saskatchewan towns, it seems, are such), we find a real treat, a stunning prairie sentinel, all nice and brown, surround by yellow flowers and under lovely blue skies. […]

Jul 062015
Netherhill Saskatchewan then and now

Netherhill, a pinhead-sized dot on the map, blink and you’ll miss it kind of place, a mostly forgotten backwater on the great plains of western south-central Saskatchewan. It’s a tiny community, a few blocks square, and a wee bit quaint, as small prairie towns often are. Off the beaten path (a tired old cliche we […]

Jun 292015
Prairie Sentinels - Harris Saskatchewan

We’re at the corner of Main and Railway in the tiny village of Harris Saskatchewan documenting a wonderful old grain elevator. The heavens above are a gorgeous blue (Saskatchewan is the “Land of Living Skies”) and are near perfect. Losing ourselves in the moment we wander about the structure for am hour or so, snapping […]

Jun 162015
Alsask Saskatchewan then and now

Legendary photographer Harry Palmer sent us an image showing “downtown” Alsask Saskatchewan in 1985 to use in one of our trademark then and now series. Thirty years after he captured his wonderful photo, we venture back to the exact spot where he stood to record how the scene looks today. Some of what was is […]

Feb 272015
Neidpath Saskatchewan

There is not much left in the ghost town of Neidpath Saskatchewan, just a couple empty houses, some crumbling foundations, a tiny church, and off in the distance, two old grain elevators. As abandoned and forgotten places go, it’s not terribly big nor all that showy, but for reasons neither of us can fully explain, […]

Dec 162014
Maple Creek Saskatchewan grain terminal

We’ve spent so much time focusing on all those old wooden grain elevators that we’ve completely missed something – the huge inland terminals that reflect the current state of the Canadian grain industry and perhaps a new subject matter for this website. Maybe, just maybe, these modern hunks of concrete and steel are worth documenting […]

Nov 282014
Prairie Sentinels – Neidpath Saskatchewan

Neidpath is a tiny ghost town on the vast Saskatchewan prairies and is home to a pair of fine looking grain elevators that are the subject of this report. Abandoned for decades, these old structures have seen better days, but it’s that very thing, that they are so run down and weather beaten that makes […]

Oct 232014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 2

In May 2014 we toured the southwest corner of Saskatchewan on a quest to find grain elevators, ghost towns and abandoned farms. We also came in search of vintage cars, trucks (especially), strange and odd motorhomes, locomotives – anything old and interesting that has wheels and an engine. And guess what, we found a lot, […]

Oct 082014
Bridge Hunting - Highway 37 Saskatchewan

This report we’ll be looking at another of Saskatchewan’s iconic bowstring arch bridges. In the 1920s and 30s around eighty of these graceful structures were built, and fair number remain today. Some are still being used for road traffic, some are pedestrian use only, and others have been abandoned like the one seen here. This […]