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Sep 182012
Retlaw ghost town

The ghost town of Retlaw is situated in the dry belt region of south central Alberta and sits along the former Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Suffield Subdivision branch. Well off any major highways the place is seldom visited and is accessible only by a dusty back road. What little that is left of the town […]

Oct 152012
Queenstown garage

Queenstown Alberta is a forgotten place, just a mere dot on the map in the middle of nowhere. Located on a gravel back road and along an abandoned railway line, not many pass through this prairie settlement and for those who do, it just takes one blink and they’ve missed it. It’s doubtful this “almost” […]

Sep 212012
Grain elevators and ghosts southeast of Calgary.

The area just southeast of Calgary has a remarkable number of grain elevators still standing and this makes it an natural attractant to us history explorers. We’ll visit a number of towns in the region, some abandoned and forgotten, some alive with small populations, all very interesting. For this trip we’ll visit (in order): Mossleigh, […]

Aug 042015

We’ve photographed and written about hundreds of abandoned places before, and many ghost towns too (browse and see). The report we’ll be presenting here will be a wee bit different from the norm however. We’ll not only talk about our subject and its history, Bents Saskatchewan, but we’ll touch on the struggles the land owner is experiencing due to the rise in “Ghost Town Tourism”; specifically the ugly side of that activity.

Aug 212017
Concrete Monolith

All eyes on this strange empty building found in some industrial park in small town Alberta. Cold and sterile, yet at the same time all those odd and varied angles give it a kind of weird character, with a real bunker-like quality to boot. I know, it’s right out of some movie, one with a […]

Jul 312017
Dorothy's Elevator, a new angle

It’s been photographed…an awful lot. Not that it should come as a surprise, the little grain elevator in Dorothy Alberta, a near ghost town in the Red Deer River badlands, is one photogenic building. Standing there, right beside the highway, in this lovely valley setting, below the sprawling plains, one can’t help but be compelled […]

Jun 282017
Coming Attractions!

To say we have a “couple” articles in the works would be a gross understatement. We’ve been busy exploring and photographing all over the west, at some crazy accelerated pace, Chris & Connie seemingly possessed or something and accumulating a huge number of photos and information for new posts. We’re full of it…energy and passion […]

Feb 282017
A Few Minutes in Pincher Station

We’re in Pincher Station Alberta, passing through, heading west for a couple days of rest and relaxation. Timing is everything, and as it happens, we’re here and so is a train. Pull over, brakes on hard, jump out and run around like someone who’s mistakenly kicked a hornet’s nest. Catch it going by, line up, […]

Feb 102017
A Few Minutes in Hoosier

Tiny little middle-of-nowhere Hoosier is hanging on for dear life. A handful of people still live here, give or take, with more on farms in the immediate area. And while the CO-OP and Post Office slash Coffee Shop are open, it’s hardly thriving. There are just as many empty or forgotten dwellings and buildings in […]