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Apr 072017
Grain Elevators of Magrath

The small community of Magrath Alberta is home to a nice and varied collection grain elevators from various eras. There’s four here, down over there where the tracks used to be. A couple are traditional wood “prairie sentinels”, one’s a fairly modern, albeit modest sized, concrete silo type elevator. And the last, which will garner […]

Aug 302016
Creston BC Grain Elevators

British Columbia! Endless forests, precipitous peaks, bears, lumberjacks, bears eating lumberjacks, raging rivers, a moose, a squirrel, all things wild. No arguments here! But what’s this in Creston? Grain elevators, aka “prairie sentinels”…here in the mountains – emphasis on mountains? What the? Aren’t these associated with the vast (and very flat) plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan […]

Jan 092015
Shaunavon SK - railyards and grain elevators

Waking up bright and early on a cool May morning in Shuanavon Saskatchewan, we make our way to the nearby railyards to see what we can find. We’re not disappointed and find some old boxcars and other vintage railway equipment to document along with two massive old school wooden grain elevators to explore. Now that’s […]

Aug 112014
Ogilvie grain elevator Wrentham Alberta

The tiny community of Wrentham Alberta has two grain elevators, but for this report, we will for the most part focus on only one, the former Ogilvie Flour facility. A small but dedicated group, of which this author is now a member, is trying to rescue the endangered building. It’s hoped the historically significant structure […]

Jun 212013
A horse, a Trillium, and Alberta's oldest grain elevator

Sharing the field with a horse and another trailer, this little Trillium was spotted in the ghost town of Raley Alberta. What’s significant is that in the same frame is oldest grain elevator in all of Alberta , which we came to explore. The horse was kind enough to pose for us. This trailer was […]

Dec 242012
Dorothy Alberta, the little grain elevator in the valley

Waiting patiently for a train that will never come, the lonely little grain elevator seen here sits abandoned and unloved. It’s located in the ghost town of Dorothy, deep in the Alberta badlands east of Drumheller. Somewhat off the beaten path (so perfect for us), it’s a lonely little dot on the map. While this […]

Sep 262012
Azure grain elevator

Welcome to Azure Alberta, home to a house or two, an abandoned rail line, and a single grain elevator, the subject of this report. This structure has been privately owned for around fifty years and this accounts for it’s remarkable condition. Used during that time as a grain storage facility by a local farmer, this […]

Sep 212012
Grain elevators and ghosts southeast of Calgary.

The area just southeast of Calgary has a remarkable number of grain elevators still standing and this makes it an natural attractant to us history explorers. We’ll visit a number of towns in the region, some abandoned and forgotten, some alive with small populations, all very interesting. For this trip we’ll visit (in order): Mossleigh, […]

Aug 202012
Wynndel BC grain elevator - then and now

Grain elevators are more often associated with the vast expanses of Canadian prairie so seeing one deep in heart of British Columbia seems really odd. However here in the mountain flanked Creston Valley conditions are prefect for growing grain and this helps explain why a few of these “prairie sentinels” can be found in the […]

Jul 312017
Dorothy's Elevator, a new angle

It’s been photographed…an awful lot. Not that it should come as a surprise, the little grain elevator in Dorothy Alberta, a near ghost town in the Red Deer River badlands, is one photogenic building. Standing there, right beside the highway, in this lovely valley setting, below the sprawling plains, one can’t help but be compelled […]

Sep 082016
Providence Grain – Marengo Saskatchewan

The always on the go crew are in the tiny burg of Marengo Saskatchewan to document the Providence Grain facility located there. Join us for a tour of this working grain elevator. It’s a bit different and is not one of the those high-throughput concrete super terminals common today, even if it sort of […]

Aug 312015
Searle Grain

Built a century ago, the grain elevator we’ll be exploring in this report once stood alongside the train tracks in the small community of Gartly Alberta. Moved in the 1970s, it can be found on a farm just down the road from where the village once was.

Jun 172015
Innisfail AB then and now - elevator row

We’ve obtained two late 1970s era photos showing the impressive grain elevator row in Innisfail Alberta, perfect fodder for a then and now post. My how things have changed and on visiting the same location in 2015 we see that almost everything single thing in the old images is now gone. It’s startling! Even […]

Apr 032015
Vulcan elevator row

What a huge difference a couple short decades make. Back in the 1990s when the first photo in this then and now series was captured, Vulcan Alberta had a huge and much celebrated grain elevator row. It was giant – count them – there are five singles and three sets of two (known as twins). […]

Jan 282015
Canada Malting elevator Beiseker

Here’s something we’ve personally never seen before: grain cars, presumably spotted there for loading, sitting at the old Cargill, now Canada Malting, grain elevator in Beiseker. We’ve been driving past the building with regularity since the 1990s and this is a first for us. Any time we’ve checked the siding has been empty and the […]

Dec 162014
Maple Creek Saskatchewan grain terminal

We’ve spent so much time focusing on all those old wooden grain elevators that we’ve completely missed something – the huge inland terminals that reflect the current state of the Canadian grain industry and perhaps a new subject matter for this website. Maybe, just maybe, these modern hunks of concrete and steel are worth documenting […]

Nov 192014
Warner Elevator Row

The title of this this report, “Warner Elevator Row”, as of mid-November, is technically incorrect. Something bad’s happened to the buildings that make up the complex in the town of Warner Alberta, something unexpected, out of the blue and only recent. Yup, they’ve demolished two of the prairie sentinels that make up this unique group, […]

Oct 272014
Meeting Creek station and elevators

The tiny community of Meeting Creek Alberta is home to a pair of very photogenic vintage wooden grain elevators, plus one gorgeous century old train station. These holdovers from another era together make for timeless scene. They remind us that at one time railways were the cornerstone of the community, and everything that came and […]