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Jun 102014
Old trucks and vehicles – May 2014

All the vehicles seen in this article, numerous old tractors, lots of pickups, a few heavy duty trucks, along with one classic car, were found in the tiny community of Rockyford Alberta. In the mix is a disproportionate number of International Harvester vehicles. Also noteworthy are some Lamborghini tractors (yes, that Lamborghini), along with some […]

Oct 182013
Old trucks and vehicles – October

While travelling about we’ll often discover old and interesting vehicles hidden away in fields, back lots and industrial properties. We rarely search them out and stumble across most by accident. Often we’ll be heading to a neat historical site, or a scenic hiking trail, and in the process come away with some unexpected, but always […]

Sep 132013
Old trucks and vehicles - August and September

For this report we’ll show some of the assorted old trucks and interesting vehicles we’ve stumbled across while out on exploring. We did not go looking for them, but rather they were all discovered by chance while out travelling the back roads of Alberta and BC, on our field trips researching other subjects. These were […]

Aug 212012
Old trucks on a dreary day

I love old trucks, so imagine my excitement in finding this yard full of gems. We were just strolling around Airdrie on a horribly dreary and depressing afternoon in the depths of winter and by chance came across this collection. It made the day so much more interesting. Some of the trucks seen are real […]

May 122016
Draglines and Shovels - Reynolds Alberta Museum

A heavenly place for lovers of vintage metal and machinery, the Reynolds-Alberta Museum is home to today’s subjects, several giant mining shovels and draglines. These humongous beasts are connected historically to various coal mines in the province and date back as far as a hundred years. Impressive at a distance, doubly so (no, a million […]

Oct 052015
Old Iron (SK edition)

All the photos seen below come from our June 2015 foray into west-central Saskatchewan. Odds and ends from that trip, these old vehicles, some going back to the 40s and 50s, some decades newer, were found in an area west of Saskatoon and halfway to the Alberta border. Makers represented include Ford. a number of GM divisions, Internationals, Kenworth, along with rare and strange ones like REO and Hudson.

Oct 232014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 2

In May 2014 we toured the southwest corner of Saskatchewan on a quest to find grain elevators, ghost towns and abandoned farms. We also came in search of vintage cars, trucks (especially), strange and odd motorhomes, locomotives – anything old and interesting that has wheels and an engine. And guess what, we found a lot, […]

Sep 182014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 1

If you like old cars, trucks, farm machinery and equipment, Saskatchewan is the place for you. No matter where one travels within its borders, there is always an endless parade of vintage vehicles to be seen, each begging to be photographed and documented. It’s a literal playground for those who like these sorts of things. […]

Sep 092014
Prairie Sentinels – Golden Prairie Saskatchewan

Here’s a rather rare sight these days, a wooden grain elevator, still in use, sitting along a prairie branch line that still sees trains. Twenty years ago this would be nothing unusual, but today, in times of grain company consolidations, mergers and closings and the wholesale abandonment of lightly used railway lines, it’s down right […]

Dec 202012
Nanton Alberta, elevators and old things

Nanton Alberta is located south of Calgary along Highway 2. Looking much like any other small prairie town, it stands out today in that it’s home to four grain elevators. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so odd some years ago, but now these prairie sentinels are pretty rare and finding even one standing is quite a […]

Nov 162012
12 tips for shooting old vehicles - by

Old and abandoned farm vehicles are a magnet to photographers, professional and amateur alike. Often found at the edge of a field or by an ancient barn, they tell a story, sometimes a sad one, that begs to be explored and captured. By using these twelve useful tips anyone can ensure themselves the best results […]

Oct 162012
Old road and construction machinery Pioneer Acres Museum Irricana

One day is hardly enough time to explore the Pioneer Acres Museum in Irricana Alberta. There are many exhibits for all to enjoy, but of particular interest to guys is the extensive collection of trucks, tractors and other pieces of machinery. It’s just mind boggling how much they have, some pieces restored and some not. […]