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Oct 252016
The Railway

One of the shorter short-lines in the country, this little stretch of track still serves a very crucial purpose. In that sense it’s no less important than the big transcontinental players. A busy firm, the line’s only customer, uses it to send much of their output to market. Once every couple or few days, a […]

Aug 152016
Under Wraps

This pair of cocooned locomotives call Nelson British Columbia home. It’s hoped they will eventually be put on display near the town’s restored railway station but for now are stored nearby on a siding, not publicly accessible and “under wraps”, awaiting the next move. Both date from the 1950s and while unseen under all those […]

Jul 262016
Bridge Hunting - Waneta British Columbia

The bridges of Waneta British Columbia. One, the elder of the pair, historically far more interesting and oh so photogenic, dates from the 1890s and once carried trains, It’s now used by highway traffic and is the oldest such span in this service in the province. The second, tight beside it, almost touching it in […]

Jan 112016
Herzog MPM Multi-Purpose Machine

This odd looking and brightly coloured rail mounted contraption is a Herzog Railroad Services “MPM” or Multi-Purpose Machine. It’s a specialized piece of equipment hired out under contract to rail carriers across the continent for maintenance of way work, travelling about as the need dictates. Highly adaptable it’s able to do a wide range of […]

Jan 082016
Section House

When one thinks of structures associated with Canadian railways, things like stations or perhaps roundhouses probably come to mind first. They both pretty iconic. There are lots of other types of buildings connected to then however. One that was once very common, yet little known or understood, was the lowly section house, which is our […]

Jun 252015
Class of '63

The tiny locomotive documented here was constructed in 1963 by the Canadian Locomotive Company of Kingston Ontario. It was one of the last made by this long established firm, at that time in business for well over a century, and was the very final example produced for a Canadian customer. This makes it a very […]

Jan 302015
Ohio Locomotive Crane

The strange beast seen here, basking in the sun on the first day of 2015, is called a locomotive crane and is used in railway maintenance of way service. They are used lift or place what ever needs to be..well…lifted or placed. Self propelled it can travel from work site to work site on its […]

Jan 092015
Shaunavon SK - railyards and grain elevators

Waking up bright and early on a cool May morning in Shuanavon Saskatchewan, we make our way to the nearby railyards to see what we can find. We’re not disappointed and find some old boxcars and other vintage railway equipment to document along with two massive old school wooden grain elevators to explore. Now that’s […]

Apr 252014
Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum - what's going on?

What the heck is going on at the Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum in Beiseker Alberta? Their website is gone and the grounds appear as though abandoned. The old train station, what was to be the organization’s centrepiece, sits on blocks, as it has for a couple years now. In front is the foundation that […]

Mar 072013
Pyke railway crane

While driving through Blackie Alberta something on the rail line caught our attention. It was as a small rail crane with its two attendant railways cars and having some time to burn we stopped to take a good look at this interesting machine. It’s sitting on an old siding and is being used to collect […]

Aug 202012
Wynndel BC grain elevator - then and now

Grain elevators are more often associated with the vast expanses of Canadian prairie so seeing one deep in heart of British Columbia seems really odd. However here in the mountain flanked Creston Valley conditions are prefect for growing grain and this helps explain why a few of these “prairie sentinels” can be found in the […]