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We’re often asked if we are associated with BIGDoer Enterprises who used to make the exciting Cameo Intimates Lingerie line. And the answer is yes. Connie and I founded and ran the company for well over a dozen years and we became famous in our field. We supplied tens of thousands of clients all over the world and our work was worn by celebrities and appeared in many Hollywood films.

Due to many factors though we decided to close up shop in 2010. We look back on those days with fondness. It was a wild and crazy ride!

Many have asked if we have plans to restart but I don’t think that will happen.

We of course are always happy to hear from former clients and those suppliers, models and photographers we have worked with. If you have any questions about Cameo Intimates, we are pleased to respond.

Email Chris & Connie:

A blurb about Cameo Intimates pulled from the web:

You’ve seen their designs on TV shows such as Mad Men, big Hollywood movies such as Sucker Punch, and seen on celebrities and burlesque performers alike, like Christina Hendricks, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, Roxi Dlite, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, etc. Cameo was the go-to manufacturer when retro or daring lingerie was required. Do a Google image search of “Cameo Intimates” (safe search off if you are okay with nudity) to see many pictures from their lines.

Chances are if you’ve seen a burlesque performance, you’ve seen Cameo. People hold on to their Cameo Intimates lingerie because they are so well built and designed and comfortable and well thought out and with proper care will last almost forever.

They were the originators of the retro underwear trend and makers of truly daring yet classy and well constructed undies not seen before or since. Closed down in 2010 due to the owners retiring. Cameo Intimates 1995-2010 :<

Comments about Cameo’s closing:

“The underwear scene since Cameo shut down: BORING!!”
“The other vintage lingerie makers out there just don’t get it”
“Nothing out there holds a candle to Cameo” Dita Von Teese.

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  16 Responses to “Cameo Intimates Lingerie”

  1. Since Cameo Intimates closed shop, there is really nothing out there that is even close to their quality and design. As a poster stated, “Boring” now is the operative word.

  2. Great to “see of you!”

    Just so sorry to not see more of your wonderful creations.

    You both have a wonderful Holiday Time.
    M Allen Wurschmidt

  3. Suprised to see your not in the biz anymore.Quailty of your work was exceptional. As for other pursuits I have spent my whole life dragging sleds and sking that country and popped lunch on some gdforsaken ledge. Maybe we will run into each other at the tea house on the Vic some time. Scamble On

  4. I really, REALLY hope Cameo Intimates in canada re-open their factory once again 🙁 , their sheer thin fabric last a LIFETIME ! I LOVE AND MISSED YOU Cameo Intimates !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words – we always love hearing from past customers. We have no intentions of restarting the company although if anyone else in interested in doing so, we can assist them in setting it up. We still have all the patterns and such and can mentor and guide them until they get up to speed.

      • hi Chris , it´s sooo sad to hear that you have no plans of restarting cameo 🙁
        I AM SOOOO INLOVE WITH THOSE MESH FABRIC , where can I buy that kind of mesh ?
        I have my mesh white undies with front opening and cameo cami with black trim … haven´t used it maybe will put it in a picture frame as remembrance from the well loved Cameo..
        I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU CAN HELP ME FIND THOSE KIND OF FABRIC..thanks so much Chris for Cameo , I at least had the chance to have some pieces of Cameo that everybody loves..

        • Thank you for your comments and we always love to hear from our former clients. While we have no plans to restart the company we are willing to sell it and assist anyone out there who wishes to be a “lingerie mogul”. We loved that mesh too and it was made specifically for us, so you’re not likely to find it anywhere else.

          • It has been 3 years since this comment. Is this something you would still consider? I’m a former customer and greatly miss your products.

          • Those days for us are past. And since we could never find someone who wanted to continue the line, in spite of shopping it around aggressively, well, that’s sort answers itself. Not sure why no one picked it up, it was a good money maker.

  5. As with so many others I was saddened to see the closing of Cameo but happy that you all are enjoying your days of what has to be and feel like new found freedom. I have often pondered the possibility of reopening Cameo and what the associated costs would be. I see here that you would be willing to offer some assistance to someone who would be willing to give it a try. As a starting point for consideration what are you looking for in payment for the business?

    • Hi there,

      I look forward to talking to you and will respond to this early next week by email.

      Have a great weekend!

  6. I miss you guys! I’ve posted a “Remembering Cameo” article on my blog. I hope it’s okay? Let me know!

    • Awesome, thank you so much for taking time to write about Cameo on your blog. We so truly appreciate it.

  7. I loved the company, and community, that you built at Cameo right up until you closed down.

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