Mar 212017
Lethbridge Boler

As the game is played more, a person’s Boler spotting skills generally become better honed. A trailer need not be out in the open and can be hidden in behind something, lost in the clutter, partially out of view and a hit is still well within the realm of possibility. In fact, we sometimes surprise […]

Feb 032017
Lethbridge Boler

No matter where we are, no matter the weather, no matter anything, we take a hour or two out for a stroll. Putting foot to pavement is good for the mind, good for the soul, good for the body and in doing it, the day’s problem’s just seem to melt away. It’s inevitable we’ll see […]

Dec 292016
Cranbrook Boler

We travel all over. A lot. We cover Alberta, sneak into Saskatchewan, and dip into British Columbia. If we had our way, we’d even go even further afield. On these numerous road trips we keep busy playing the Boler spotting game. The goal is to “spot” one of these little egg shaped trailers out in […]

Dec 152016
Inglewood Boler

Seen here, one tiny Boler trailer found in some random back alley in Calgary. As is the case with almost every one of these finds, we stumbled across it completely by accident. Hey, is that a Boler over there? Yup! How the hell did you spot that? It’s Boler-radar of course…screeeeeeeeech, cop U-turn (all other […]

Oct 192016
Highway Boler

We’ve stumbled across our share of Bolers. Hundreds and hundreds of them in fact, perhaps even more – we’re not keep a running total. While we do catch them out on the road now and then, it’s overall pretty rare. The great majority we find are stationary and seen in places like parking lots, back […]

Sep 162016
Robin's Egg Boler

Still struggling to catch up with these Boler postings. Way behind! Here’s the latest one, gosh, from exactly a year ago, so September 2015 (double gosh) and spotted in Red Deer Alberta as a storm approached. It’s a wonderful and very bold Robin’s Egg Blue, reminiscent of the colour so revered on 1960s Ford Mustangs, […]

Jul 252016
Valley Social Boler

I’ve just come to the realization we’re almost a full year behind in our Boler postings. It’s been crazy busy and admittedly we’ve let them sort of fall to the wayside. Time for a quick one though – this example with a very, very interesting paint job – found in the small surrounded-by-mountains southeastern British […]

Jun 132016
Too Hot Bolers

Flashback Cranbrook BC August 2015, it was hot as Hades, stifling and muggy, the blast-furnace-like temperatures forcing us to rethink our day. Plus thirty degree weather is our Kryptonite and venturing out into the woods for a hike or even simple exploration seemed like sheer lunacy. Sweat and fatigue and sun burns? No way was […]

May 172016
Classic cars? No, Bolers!

All manner of classic vehicles about, hod rods from many different eras, all shiny and done up, Detroit Metal to the extreme…and we’re fixated on some small fibreglass trailers seen nearby. It’s our addiction for which we understand there is no cure. Must seek out Bolers, and their kin, and stop to photograph each one, […]

Apr 252016

Here’s an interesting find in the field of tiny vintage fibreglass camping trailers, a rarely seen model by the name of “Carefree”. Made in the southern British Columbia town of Trail during the mid to late 1970s, or thereabouts, they came in at least a couple sizes, all of them in the thirteen to fifteen […]

Apr 042016
Chain-link Boler

What’s that? The hard-to-see but clearly unmistakable outline of a Boler through a chain-link fence and hedges? Yes, it is! This find, one well hidden behind an industrial building, out of view from any road and generally speaking something that would be most difficult to see. Yet, we found it. Chalk another one up for […]

Feb 242016
Boler and Canoe

It’s almost a rock solid guarantee that while out exploring we’ll come across a Boler or two. Case in point, the seventeen foot example seen here, along with its attendant canoe, spotted in the community of Didsbury, part way between Calgary and Red Deer, while we searched out an old house we were due to […]

Jan 292016
Buff Boler

When playing the Boler spotting game, the rules dictate that a player shout out “Boler!”, as loudly as possible I might add, upon seeing one. Them’s the simple rules – well, there’s points for rarity and difficulty, but we won’t go into them here. When travelling with friends, all who play, and by dumb luck […]

Jan 212016
Your next stop...the Boler Zone!

We actually don’t capture that many Bolers in motion, so finding one on the road is extra special. Most we see are parked, at campgrounds or between outings, stashed away in alleys, back yards and the like. This example, a seventeen foot model, with a rather unique crocheted spare tire cover, was found as we […]

Dec 162015

Here’s a “loud” Boler. This thirteen foot model was spotted on some Calgary side street in May of 2015 (yes, we are behind in posting) and is so bold, so yellow, so glowing and dazzling and bright that it challenges the sun itself. At night, in a snow storm, its golden presence, a beacon, a […]

Dec 142015
A plain old Trillium

Of all the tiny fibreglass trailers, and there are many types of many different makes, the plain old Trillium is by far the most often seen. In production starting the early 1970s and still being made today (in Calgary Alberta), there are a good number on the road at any one time. One a long […]

Nov 302015
Trillium Jubilee

Spotted in the tiny community of Bow Island Alberta in the spring of 2015 is this fine looking Trillium Jubilee. While the Trillium make is the most common small fibreglass trailer out there, there are in fact more of them than Bolers, this particular model is super rare. It’s certainly more square-ish than other trailers […]

Nov 042015

This Boler-like and Boler-sized trailer is a rare one, the first of this make we’ve ever seen in fact (we since stumbled across another). It’s called a Carefree and depending on the source was made in Trail BC or the nearby town of Genelle. No matter where, they seem to have been made only in […]

Sep 302015
Maple leaf Boler

This little Boler is patriotic, wearing the red and white colours of the Canadian flag and adorned with a maple leaf (they were made here after all). This is a 13 foot model, the most common version made. When in production, Canada was still transitioning into the metric system (and is still not done), so […]