Aug 032017
Golden Arrow

In the 1970s pinball was king. You couldn’t swing a dead cat, to use that always chuckle-worthy adage, and not hit one. They were everywhere…your local arcade, back when there was arcades, the corner store, the mall, the neighbourhood watering hole, pool hall, anywhere one could be plopped down. And the people played…oh they played. […]

Jul 262017
Scott Ranch

It’s convincing! Standing here in this town right out of the American Old West, this 1800s road house along a dusty cowboy trail or this stately ranch from the distant past…it just feels right. Look around, there’s no signs of today, no highways, no skyscrapers, nada, nothing. All about it’s grassy hills, scant signs of […]

Apr 272017
CL Western Town

There’s a good chance you’re already familiar what we’ll be showing you here. The group of buildings seen, looking convincingly like a pioneer community straight out of the Old West, are in fact a set and have appeared in countless films and TV shows. Perhaps even some you’ve watched. This is CL Western Town and […]

Apr 252017
Pinball Art

Slow down, grab a cup and take in some pinball art. A fun unpretentious post, we present a more detail oriented look at some of the games we’ve documented over the last little while. The photos seen were captured at the same time we shot that “Keeping the Faith” article we did a couple months […]

Oct 252016
The Railway

One of the shorter short-lines in the country, this little stretch of track still serves a very crucial purpose. In that sense it’s no less important than the big transcontinental players. A busy firm, the line’s only customer, uses it to send much of their output to market. Once every couple or few days, a […]

Sep 282016
The Mill

Part two of our visit with Atco Wood Products, Fruitvale British Columbia. The day before we were in “the woods” with their crew, watching how it’s done out there, this time it’s a look at the firm’s high tech mill. Using logs harvested, in a sustainable way, from forests in the region, we watch as […]

Sep 152016
The Woods

Come on, jump in the truck. There’s room for a few of you. We’ll be heading up a winding mountain road, (don’t worry, we’ll be in competent hands), to a densely forested slope in the West Kootenays of British Columbia to witness something incredibly interesting. We’re hanging with the the Atco Wood Products Field (or […]

May 022016
Calgary to Chestermere bike

One of the least demanding bike rides ever, the route we’ll show you follows a meandering irrigation canal all the way from Calgary to Chestermere. Thirty or so clicks of pleasant and enjoyable fun, it’s paved for ease of ride, flat the whole way so peddling is near effortless, and overall is not that terribly […]

Jan 112016
Herzog MPM Multi-Purpose Machine

This odd looking and brightly coloured rail mounted contraption is a Herzog Railroad Services “MPM” or Multi-Purpose Machine. It’s a specialized piece of equipment hired out under contract to rail carriers across the continent for maintenance of way work, travelling about as the need dictates. Highly adaptable it’s able to do a wide range of […]

Dec 172015
GREX Slot Machine

The strange contraption we’ll be looking at under threatening skies, a GREX “Slot Machine” (officially “SlotMachine”), is for railway track and right of way maintenance. Seen parked between jobs in small town Alberta, on the CPR’s busy Calgary to Edmonton line, the firm that owns the equipment does contract work for various rail carriers, travelling […]

Sep 042015
The Clearwater

For one wondrous starry filled night, the Clearwater Drive-in Theatre, Kyle Saskatchewan, hosted the crew. We came, not to watch a movie, but to document a day in the life of this fascinating operation, doing it fly-on-the-wall style, recording what ever happens as it happens from the time the first employee arrives till the last car leaves.

Aug 182015
Building Information Modeling For Dummies

An interesting way to spend an afternoon, connects up with a group of three travelling the globe on a lengthy and ambitious mission to document train stations…in a very interesting way. From the University of Rochester (New York), the trio have brought along some high-tech equipment which is used, specifically, to create a three dimensional digital model of their subject matter.

Aug 132015
Industrial Park Living

The Calgary district of Alyth – Bonnybrook – Manchester, three formerly separate neighbourhoods now sort of seen as one, is mostly industrial, but here and there are some old houses, a couple of them even lived in. Join us a we walk about this gritty neighbourhood, located southeast of downtown, in search of these dwellings.

Aug 122015
Trainspotting - Field BC edition

If you follow our adventures, you know the crew is always go-Go-GO! We’re always doing something! Every now and then we like to drop a few gears and slow right down and unwind, taking an hour or two break where we do nothing but relax, sip wine, talk, maybe read a book or daydream, and of course train spot.

Jul 172015
Suite 16

When on the road we like accommodations with personality. No five star lodging for us, that’s so terribly boring, not to mention expensive. We’re cheap-ass buggers at heart. Give us a dive motel, hotel, hostel, cabin…whatever…and as long as it’s reasonably clean we’re a happy bunch. We love them and not just for budgetary reasons, […]