Invite and Suggest…
Own or know of something you think should be documented by the crew (and in a unique way only they can do), an historic building, a vintage truck, car or motorhome, an interesting piece of machinery, anything old or ancient, please, message us or call. Also chronicling unique industries, railways and mines, wilderness activities, and finally, weird and quirky cultural subjects.

We love to work with creative photographers, writers and artists who like to do what we do.

Be sure to comment on posts. share them, like them, correct us when we’re wrong, join in on the conversation, be part of the story.

Don’t do it alone…
Want to get out and explore? Need a guide or want to invite us along to your outing?

Then and now…
Send us an old photo (yours or in the public domain) showing a building or street scene and we’ll revisit that same spot to shoot a similarly composed picture, showing what the location looks like today.

Need a voice or support for your cause, someone to take a stand, help with a problem, guidance with an issue (of course, only pertaining to subjects explored on this website)? Call on us.

Ask, request, rant…
You know you wanna!

Chris “BIGDoer” Doering and Connie Biggart
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Journalists – Writers – Researchers – Advocates
Historic, industrial, weird and quirky cultural subjects and outdoor pursuits.

Office: 403-246-4192.
Mobile: 403-863-0851.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Have you ever checked out Bankhead Mining in Banff National Park?


Have you checked out the large CNR trestle bridge near Fabyan? I was very surprised to not see a report on it from your site.