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Writing, journalism, consulting, research or photography…
On any of the subjects seen on this website.

Field research…
Need us to document a place or something you can’t get to? We can help.

Own a piece of big machinery, a building or something you’d like to know more about?

History Detectives are at your service. Pay by donation.

Societies, groups and nonprofits can put our skills to work at no charge.

Need a voice or support for your cause, someone to take a stand, help with a problem, guidance with an issue? Call on us.

Chris “BIGDoer” Doering and Connie Biggart
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Journalists – Writers – Researchers – Advocates
Historic, industrial, weird and quirky cultural subjects and outdoor pursuits.

Office: 403-246-4192.
Mobile: 403-863-0851.

Our stuff’s been seen here (web and/or print)…

Travel Alberta, Tourism Saskatchewan, Avenue Magazine Calgary, Fast Forward Magazine Calgary, Hello BC, Travel BC, Branchline Magazine, Lost Speedways, Travel Drumheller, Bytown Railway Society, Buzzfeed, City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass, Autocar Trucks, Panasonic Lumix Cameras, Canon G Series Cameras, Canon EOS Cameras, Air Canada, Westjet, Global Television (Calgary and National), Garmin Ltd, Alberta Ministry of Transportation, BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Explore Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Kalmbach Publishing,, The Canadian Encyclopedia, Hanna Roundhouse Society, Canadian Civil Defense Museum,, Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Weather Network Canada, Western Star Trucks, Western Producer, and countless others.

Plus we’ve helped more historical groups and societies and non-profit organizations than we could ever count. And of course many private individuals.

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Hi, Chris and Connie,

I know Harry Sanders, a historian in Calgary, he works for Chinook Historic Society and other organizations, you can contact him or Chinook Historian Society or go to his website or Chinook Historic Society website, maybe you can get some information useful to you.

University of Calgary has an archeology or similiar bachelor major, its graduates often find jobs in some organization related to history/archeology.

I read a lot of articles in your website, it is really nice of you. I believe all hiking/outdoor persons must be good guys.

I come from China, I have been doing a lot of hikings and travels both in China, Canada and other countries.

Good luck



Thanks for posting Ming! I can use this info.


Hi I understand that you rewire rotary phones? Is this correct?

Anyway I want to buy an old phone and I was wondering if I send it to you can you fix it.

Also how much does it cost to fix it?

Thank you for your time!



Nice web page. My grandfather was a miner in Blairmore till 1919.
I’d like to one day go there and search out the mine (if I can find it).
The photos you have on your web page are beautiful. Thank you for
sharing and all the time you put into everything.

Dianne R. Hansen
Dianne R. Hansen

Hi – I hope is message gets to you. I have several photographs – 8″ x 10″ black and white, of the Bow City Alberta coal mine, and some of the machinery used in that era. The photos are from the 40s -50’s. I will share them with you. You can contact me at