Mar 282017
Stettler County Collection – Part 2

Give us an old scrap yard to explore and we’re happy campers. Dirty, full of dangers, it’s hardly a place one would think fun, but to aficionados of the decrepit and all things damned, Team BIGDoer, it’s a giant amusement park. All the cast-away things found there, they’re not shiny and new, but ancient, worn […]

Mar 102017
Stettler County Collection - Part 1

Scrap yards are filthy dirty places, full of dangers and populated by big brawny men in grease soaked clothing, dudes you give lots of room. They roam around in “road warrior” service trucks, hammers, wrenches and cutting torches at the ready. This is where old vehicles, machinery and anything that’s cast, alloyed, rolled or forged […]

Dec 072016
Queenstown Community Hall

The community hall was heart of any small town, village or region, its social centre. Anywhere there was a population you’d find one of these structures. Typically long and rectangular, usually plain and unassuming, they were located somewhere close to “downtown”, or at some important crossroads intersection in more rural regions. Inside there would be […]

Oct 072016
Autocar Coal Hauler

Our subject today, a monster truck, in retirement but looking fine and in fully running condition, that once hauled coal in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta. A shiny bright blue, an almost playful colour belying its brutish, all business/no-nonsense demeanour, it’s taken out once in a while for a shakedown run. And for this one […]

Aug 042016
Crowsnest Collection - Second Helping

Time for the eagerly awaited second instalment in the series where we explore the many vintage vehicles that make up the Crowsnest Collection in Southwest Alberta. There’s an incredibly interesting mix here, trucks mostly, dating back as far as the 1930s, and as recent as the 1980s. Of varied makes and models, most of are […]

Jan 082016
Section House

When one thinks of structures associated with Canadian railways, things like stations or perhaps roundhouses probably come to mind first. They both pretty iconic. There are lots of other types of buildings connected to then however. One that was once very common, yet little known or understood, was the lowly section house, which is our […]

Oct 052015
Old Iron (SK edition)

All the photos seen below come from our June 2015 foray into west-central Saskatchewan. Odds and ends from that trip, these old vehicles, some going back to the 40s and 50s, some decades newer, were found in an area west of Saskatoon and halfway to the Alberta border. Makers represented include Ford. a number of GM divisions, Internationals, Kenworth, along with rare and strange ones like REO and Hudson.

Jun 042015
Badland's Collection II

Here’s another fantastic collection of vintage vehicles, comprised mostly of 1950s era cars of many makes and models, found deep in the beautiful Alberta Badlands. Shot full of holes, stripped of parts, twisted and crushed, rusted and rotting, these old Fords, Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Plymouths sit beside a crumbling old home and an abandoned railway […]

May 132015
Back lot Pete

The back lot documented here is home to a small handful of old vehicles, but two are real gems and include a vintage International heavy duty hauler and the star of the show, a classic Peterbilt. Located in a small town in central Alberta, these forgotten relics languish away in the grass in behind a […]

Mar 042015
Badland's Collection

We’ll call this motley grouping of vehicles the Badland’s Collection for no reason other then they were found in the scenic Badlands of Alberta, in the Red Deer River Valley near the town of Drumheller. We were on foot wandering about the area, looking for adventure and fun and any curiosities we could find, when […]

Feb 272015
Neidpath Saskatchewan

There is not much left in the ghost town of Neidpath Saskatchewan, just a couple empty houses, some crumbling foundations, a tiny church, and off in the distance, two old grain elevators. As abandoned and forgotten places go, it’s not terribly big nor all that showy, but for reasons neither of us can fully explain, […]

Jan 202015

While traveling forgotten back roads, as we are apt to do, we often unexpectedly and completely by chance stumble across some really interesting finds. We’ve discovered long abandoned homesteads or farms, or their remains, vintage equipment and old cars and trucks by the score. Included in the latter category are the three old autos seen […]

Oct 232014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 2

In May 2014 we toured the southwest corner of Saskatchewan on a quest to find grain elevators, ghost towns and abandoned farms. We also came in search of vintage cars, trucks (especially), strange and odd motorhomes, locomotives – anything old and interesting that has wheels and an engine. And guess what, we found a lot, […]