Feb 282017
A Few Minutes in Pincher Station

We’re in Pincher Station Alberta, passing through, heading west for a couple days of rest and relaxation. Timing is everything, and as it happens, we’re here and so is a train. Pull over, brakes on hard, jump out and run around like someone who’s mistakenly kicked a hornet’s nest. Catch it going by, line up, […]

Jan 022017
Dwyer Farm

This old farm house is probably one of the most photographed abandoned buildings in the southwest corner of the province. We’ve seen countless pictures of it from any number of photographers and we’ve shot our share too. No doubt that it’s easy to find accounts for some of its popularity. But the clincher, the real […]

Nov 252016
Cabin in the Woods

Not much is left of this cabin. Located deep in the woods of the Crownest Pass Alberta, along an old pack trail, and towered over by precipitous peaks, it’s connected to a small coal mine operation of which little information is known. We did dig up (get it) a few snippets however, but data was […]

Oct 122016
Hillcrest-Mohawk #5

Time to take in another trademark BIGDoer.com history hike! This outing takes place in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta, and allows hikers to summit a modest height bump, which we’ll call Hillcrest Mohawk #5 Hill, that long ago was home to an underground coal mining operation. Using old mine roads the going is both easy […]

Oct 072016
Autocar Coal Hauler

Our subject today, a monster truck, in retirement but looking fine and in fully running condition, that once hauled coal in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta. A shiny bright blue, an almost playful colour belying its brutish, all business/no-nonsense demeanour, it’s taken out once in a while for a shakedown run. And for this one […]

Aug 042016
Crowsnest Collection - Second Helping

Time for the eagerly awaited second instalment in the series where we explore the many vintage vehicles that make up the Crowsnest Collection in Southwest Alberta. There’s an incredibly interesting mix here, trucks mostly, dating back as far as the 1930s, and as recent as the 1980s. Of varied makes and models, most of are […]

May 192016
Fishburn United Church

Fishburn United, a tiny country church found along a lonely Alberta backroad, southwest corner of the province, where the mountains and plains meet and not far from the Crowsnest Pass. Built well over a hundred years ago, it was originally a shared facility used by those of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist faiths. The local […]

Jan 252016
Mountain Mill United Church

The Mountain Mill United Church is located in a gorgeous pastoral setting, a secluded wooded river valley near the foothills of southwest Alberta, close to the communities of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass. At just over a century old (built in 1906) the building is still used from time to time for services, special […]

Jan 202016
Crowsnest Pass then and now – Chinook Motel

Today’s then and now subject: the oh-so-charming Chinook Motel, Sentinel Alberta, in the scenic and historic Crowsnest Pass. With Crowsnest Mountain looming overhead, we’ll look at first in the 1960s, by way of an image taken from an old postcard sent to us by a reader, and then again today. You know, to see what’s […]

Jan 052016
Crowsnest Pass then and now - Greenhill Hotel

The Greenhill Hotel can be found in Blairmore (well…West Blairmore) Alberta, in the historic Crowsnest Pass, in the southwest corner of the province. The barn-shaped structure has been around for well on ninety plus years. Once a busy watering hole for local coal miners and also accommodation for those visiting the area, today things are […]

Sep 172015
Coalfields SD #1275

There were once thousands and thousands of these one room schools scattered all over Alberta. Most are long gone but a few can be found here and there. Located on a lonely back road in the southwestern part of the province, where the plains meet the foothills,we explore one of these interesting structures. This is Coalfields School.

Aug 142015
Hillcrest United Church

Built near a century ago, the Hillcrest United Church (formerly Hillcrest Methodist) in the Crowsnest Pass held its last services in the 1990s and is today privately owned. This fine old building, located a street west of “downtown” Hillcrest, looks fantastic for its age and with Turtle Mountain towering above it’s in a wonderfully picturesque […]