Aug 042015

We’ve photographed and written about hundreds of abandoned places before, and many ghost towns too (browse and see). The report we’ll be presenting here will be a wee bit different from the norm however. We’ll not only talk about our subject and its history, Bents Saskatchewan, but we’ll touch on the struggles the land owner is experiencing due to the rise in “Ghost Town Tourism”; specifically the ugly side of that activity.

Nov 192014
Warner Elevator Row

The title of this this report, “Warner Elevator Row”, as of mid-November, is technically incorrect. Something bad’s happened to the buildings that make up the complex in the town of Warner Alberta, something unexpected, out of the blue and only recent. Yup, they’ve demolished two of the prairie sentinels that make up this unique group, […]

Nov 142014
Bassano Railway Station

We’ve visited the former CPR Bassano Alberta Railway Station located in the small town of Beiseker several times before. It’s recently been placed on its foundation after sitting on blocks beside it for some years and we wanted to check this out. We were curious. Why, after a long lull where nothing happened, did it […]

Apr 252014
Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum - what's going on?

What the heck is going on at the Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum in Beiseker Alberta? Their website is gone and the grounds appear as though abandoned. The old train station, what was to be the organization’s centrepiece, sits on blocks, as it has for a couple years now. In front is the foundation that […]

Dec 032012
Find long lost friends or relatives or trace your family history

Hire Chris and his associates as your genealogist, history detective or research agent. As you can see by the “exploring history” articles written for this blog, Chris is fascinated with the past and is a real sticker for details – he digs up the real facts. As a “history detective” Chris can assist you in… […]