Jan 022017
Dwyer Farm

This old farm house is probably one of the most photographed abandoned buildings in the southwest corner of the province. We’ve seen countless pictures of it from any number of photographers and we’ve shot our share too. No doubt that it’s easy to find accounts for some of its popularity. But the clincher, the real […]

Dec 062016
Muley Ridge

Muley Ridge is one of the “Entrance Ridges”, so called given they’re right at the Kananaskis border. Located in the Sheep River area west of Turner Valley, there’s a nice little trail that takes in this long low lightly-forested north trending hill. The views from the summit and along the crest are certainly nice, but […]

Aug 232016
Hell's Ridge

Welcome to Hell, Hell’s Ridge that is, South Kananaskis Alberta, a hike you may think twice about given that dark and sinister name. In reality however, it’s something actually quite wonderful. And fun. Heavenly…oh quit! It’s a short steep climb to the modest-height summit, where some pretty decent views await. The ridge crest extends off […]

Jul 252016
Indian Oils

The Indian Oils Trail in Kananaskis is most often done as an out and back. Nice enough, but why not mix it up a bit? Try a far more interesting alternative making a modest length loop using the official route for the ascent leg then a connecting ridge for the descent. The rewards? Nice views […]

May 092016
Gunnery Mountain

It’s a modest-sized lump of limestone in the foothills of Kananaskis. That’s Gunnery Mountain and hiking it is nothing short of pure and unadulterated fun. Sure, it’s a bit rugged looking as seen from the highway, what with all those steep cliff bands, rock outcroppings and scree slopes. But…using a back side approach one can […]

Apr 112016
Mesa Butte

Some call it Square Butte, but to most it’s Mesa Butte. Regardless of name it’s a modest height and easily climbed bump, in the foothills of Kananaskis west of Millarville. Mostly treed, it’s wide open to the south, rewarding hikers with pleasing views of rolling hills and low ridges below it. It’s doable all year […]

Mar 222016
Foran Grade to Windy Point Ridge

Normally done as two short and separate trips, parallel ridges Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge, in the Sheep River region of Kananaskis, can be combined into a single and longer outing by following our special approach. Neither is that high, they are humble foothills summits after all, but the views from each is pretty […]

Jan 252016
Mountain Mill United Church

The Mountain Mill United Church is located in a gorgeous pastoral setting, a secluded wooded river valley near the foothills of southwest Alberta, close to the communities of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass. At just over a century old (built in 1906) the building is still used from time to time for services, special […]

Oct 212015
Green Mountain

A mere bump in the Kananaskis Foothills, beside the Sheep River, west of Turner Valley, is lowly Green Mountain. It’s modest in stature and mostly forested, but the south facing aspect is open allowing great views of rolling hill and ridges and tall barren peaks off in the distance. Getting the is part of the fun and along the way hike along the lip of a spectacular gorge and later take in a picturesque waterfall.

Oct 082015
Mount Mann

The day’s objective is Mount Mann, a rather modest height, mostly treed ridge, overlooking the Highwood River in the foothills of south Kananaskis. It’s an easy task summiting this big chunk of rock and while the views at the top are limited in some directions, it’s still very much worth the effort. Along the way, explore a series of rocky canyons home to a noisy creek.

Sep 082015
Ridge 710871 (Gunnery Ridge?)

Well into the trip a bear gets in the way forcing us to make a change of plans mid-stride. Opposite our original objective is a long arrow straight mass of rock topped by grass and many stunted trees with the wonderful name “Ridge 710871”. We’ll hike it instead. Getting to it is via the same access route, making this choice a no-brainier.

Aug 192015
Sandy McNabb Hills

This day’s objective is a series of eastward trending low rolling bumps, treed on one side, grassed and open on the other, overlooking the Sheep River in Kananaskis. They make for a nice and easy hike when ambitions are lacking, in the colder months when trails in the west are buried or simply inaccessible, or like in our case, when time is a bit short.