Oct 032017
Queenstown Garage

There’s countless places like Queenstown Alberta scattered across the vast Canadian Prairies, little farming towns that once held promise but today seem to be hanging on by a thread. Not ghost towns in the sense, but something close. There’s life, but it’s not always obvious. Imagine it. Streets to nowhere, vacant buildings, vacant lots, overgrown […]

Jul 262017
Scott Ranch

It’s convincing! Standing here in this town right out of the American Old West, this 1800s road house along a dusty cowboy trail or this stately ranch from the distant past…it just feels right. Look around, there’s no signs of today, no highways, no skyscrapers, nada, nothing. All about it’s grassy hills, scant signs of […]

Jun 282017
Coming Attractions!

To say we have a “couple” articles in the works would be a gross understatement. We’ve been busy exploring and photographing all over the west, at some crazy accelerated pace, Chris & Connie seemingly possessed or something and accumulating a huge number of photos and information for new posts. We’re full of it…energy and passion […]

Jun 122017
Stops Along the Way...

Seen here, odd bits and pieces, random stuff abandoned in nature found while out exploring Minburn and Two Hills Counties east of Edmonton. We’re there to documented some specific subjects and these were discovered travelling between them. There’s old farms, forgotten metal, empty buildings found on some street in a backwater town, a nice mix […]

Apr 272017
CL Western Town

There’s a good chance you’re already familiar what we’ll be showing you here. The group of buildings seen, looking convincingly like a pioneer community straight out of the Old West, are in fact a set and have appeared in countless films and TV shows. Perhaps even some you’ve watched. This is CL Western Town and […]

Dec 072016
Queenstown Community Hall

The community hall was heart of any small town, village or region, its social centre. Anywhere there was a population you’d find one of these structures. Typically long and rectangular, usually plain and unassuming, they were located somewhere close to “downtown”, or at some important crossroads intersection in more rural regions. Inside there would be […]

Feb 022016
Rowley Alberta then and now - CNR Station

For this then and now we’re in the “almost” ghost town of Rowley Alberta. Home today to a couple people at most, in the past it was a much busier and more populace place. Many of the buildings in town, long vacant, have been lovingly restored. Included in that are three impressive grain elevators, various […]

Jan 082016
Section House

When one thinks of structures associated with Canadian railways, things like stations or perhaps roundhouses probably come to mind first. They both pretty iconic. There are lots of other types of buildings connected to then however. One that was once very common, yet little known or understood, was the lowly section house, which is our […]

Nov 172015
Anastasia Lords

Today’s subject we briefly touch on a little known chapter in the province’s history, the life of Anastasia Holoboff (or Holuboff, sometimes Holobova, less common Golubova), aka Anastasia Lords. She was the one time spiritual leader of an little known Alberta based Doukhobor group and is interned near the former village that once bore her […]

Aug 042015

We’ve photographed and written about hundreds of abandoned places before, and many ghost towns too (browse BIGDoer.com and see). The report we’ll be presenting here will be a wee bit different from the norm however. We’ll not only talk about our subject and its history, Bents Saskatchewan, but we’ll touch on the struggles the land owner is experiencing due to the rise in “Ghost Town Tourism”; specifically the ugly side of that activity.

Feb 272015
Neidpath Saskatchewan

There is not much left in the ghost town of Neidpath Saskatchewan, just a couple empty houses, some crumbling foundations, a tiny church, and off in the distance, two old grain elevators. As abandoned and forgotten places go, it’s not terribly big nor all that showy, but for reasons neither of us can fully explain, […]

Nov 072014
A forgotten place called Comrey

On this adventure we explore a forgotten community, Comrey Alberta, deep in the sparsely populated and seldom visited southeast corner of the province. This is surely the most lonely and remote frontier Connie and I have ever visited. The sense of isolation on visiting these vast open spaces is simply overwhelming, almost to the point […]

Jun 112014
Prairie Sentinels – Battrum Saskatchewan

About the only thing left in Battrum Saskatchewan is the lonely grain elevator that is the subject of this report. A former Saskatchewan Wheat Pool facility, it stands vigil alongside a sleepy railway line as it has for decade after decade. Once a busy place and the economic lifeblood of a community, today everything is […]

Mar 042014
Another bowl of soup

Soup is a wonderful mix of ingredients brought together to make a tasty concoction. These similarly named posts are much the same, a fusion of pictures and experiences selected from our huge and varied pantry. For this “bowl of goodness” we’ll look at some old lime kilns, an International L series truck, a flood damaged […]