Jul 202017
James Walker Creek

Let’s see…a nice easy hike taking one to a stunning mountain rimmed valley, home to a charming little lake. What’s not to like? Here, the perfect choice when ambitions are lacking but the call of the nature us loud and strong. This is about the easiest lake destination hike in Kananaskis and while not the […]

Mar 142017
Sixteen Clicks

We’ve trekked around the Glenmore Reservoir an awful lot. Most of the time we don’t record the outing, but it’s been a while since we posted a trip report on the place, so here we go. Usually you’ll find us here when there’s snow on the ground, the mountains of course being our playground once […]

Oct 052016
Rummel Lake

Another spectacular hike in the Smith Dorrien/Spray Lakes area of Kananaskis. This outing is a fairly easy going one on a well defined rail, with gentle grades and modest elevation gain. The goal is Rummel Lake, with wonderful Turquoise waters in a basin below a towering peak. But wait, there’s more. With a little extra […]

Jul 192016
SS Hosmer

The remains of an ancient tugboat can be found not terribly far from Nelson British Columbia. This craft, the wood-hulled SS Hosmer, was launched over a century ago and for many decades worked hauling barges loaded with rail cars up and down that huge body of water (more on this in a bit). Later it […]

Oct 012015
Three Lakes Valley

This hike is nothing but fun the whole way and the further in you go the better it gets. There are lakes, many of them, one a gorgeous jade colour, stunning peaks all around, giant boulders and if the timing is right (and it was for us) golden larches in the fall. At the end is a barren rocky basin surrounded by mountains that is incredibly photogenic. This is the Three Lakes Valley trail in Kananaskis and the scenery is simply amazing.

Jun 302015
Upper Kananaskis Lake loop

This adventures finds us in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, deep in the heart of Kananaskis. Our objective is the Upper Kananaskis Lake loop trail, a wonderfully scenic hike that we’ve done before but never tire of. It’s a stunning place, of azure waters, deep green forests and majestic peaks. When the light is right, and […]

Aug 122014
Picklejar Lakes

There are four Picklejar Lakes, each of them lovely in their own unique way, all nestled in an amazingly picturesque valley. They are a popular destination for both hikers and anglers, and getting there is a relatively easy task. The trail up, for the most part has a moderate grade, save for a couple of […]

May 062014
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge - then and now

Come with us as we visit the front range mountains of Alberta to duplicate some scenes from the 1987 TV movie, Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge. Incredibly, we are supposed to believe the setting is Kansas. Really? Kansas? Mountains? What in the world? It doesn’t matter anyway. The location is gorgeous and we’re drawn into it […]

Apr 092014
Glenmore Reservoir loop

Join us for this urban hike where we circle the Glenmore Reservoir. It’s an approximately 16km loop, a path with many personalities. We’ll travel through dense wooded areas and pleasant green spaces. We’ll at times be on roads or beside roads (one very busy and noisy) and we’ll pass by businesses, a living history museum […]

Sep 092013
Headwall Lakes

This amazing day has us visiting the Headwall Lakes in Kananaskis, two lovely green pools nestled is a steep-walled valley, surrounded by grey and barren limestone peaks. Along the way we’ll hike easy logging roads, we’ll make your way across scree slopes and we’ll climb steep trails, all to get to this wonderful destination. This […]

Aug 232013
Stoney Trail, a hellish journey

Stoney Trail in Kananaskis is a good choice for those who crave a nice, easy mountain bike ride – fun, nothing hardcore or overly taxing. Even though the route follows a power line right of way, it’s still pretty scenic. There are no major hills to worry about and normally it’s simply a pleasant outing. […]