May 062015
Corral 4

Built in 1980 and closed in the late 1990s, the Corral 4 was the very last Drive In Theatre in the Calgary area. Instead of one screen, they had four (hence their name). It was located at the far eastern edge of the city, an area today that is now mostly developed. In total, there […]

Nov 052014
Days of Heaven - final scene

Our very first Days of Heaven then and now (I am sure there will be more) interestingly and perhaps more so, strangely, takes in the ending scene from that movie. Sort of a backwards way to start a series, I guess, but what the heck. The filming location was Calgary’s Heritage Park, which we visit […]

Aug 272014
River of No Return

If you’ve been following the BIGDoer blog, you have no doubt seen some of our trademark “then and now” posts. For these, we take an old photo, postcard or scene from a film and visit the location seen to document how things look today and then post it all here for you to view. Most […]

May 082014
Brokeback Mountain then and now – Childress TX rodeo

In the highly acclaimed production of Brokeback Mountain, Rockyford Alberta doubles as Childress Texas (and a couple other places, but that’s another story). We visit the town’s rodeo grounds, which play an important part in the movie, to see what they look like today. Since the film was released less then a decade ago, in […]

May 062014
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge - then and now

Come with us as we visit the front range mountains of Alberta to duplicate some scenes from the 1987 TV movie, Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge. Incredibly, we are supposed to believe the setting is Kansas. Really? Kansas? Mountains? What in the world? It doesn’t matter anyway. The location is gorgeous and we’re drawn into it […]

Jan 302014
Brokeback Mountain then and now - Elks Lodge and Ennis' Apartment

The two Brokeback Mountain scenes shown in this report, that we will try to duplicate, were filmed in Fort MacLeod in southern Alberta. We see Ennis driving a truck, round a corner and then pull into his driveway. Two simple scenes shot from the same position, separated by only seconds. Playing their part in the […]