Oct 182017
CNR #1158 at the Western Development Museum

If you have a thing for history and find yourself in North Battleford Saskatchewan the Western Development Museum is a must see. It’s a fantastic facility, good sized, well regarded, with numerous exhibits indoor and out. One highlight is a representation of a 1920s era pioneer village just like one of thousands that used to […]

Jun 282017
Coming Attractions!

To say we have a “couple” articles in the works would be a gross understatement. We’ve been busy exploring and photographing all over the west, at some crazy accelerated pace, Chris & Connie seemingly possessed or something and accumulating a huge number of photos and information for new posts. We’re full of it…energy and passion […]

Feb 142017
Zion Lutheran Church

This location is about as remote as it gets. We’re in Western Saskatchewan, here specifically part of “Census Division #8” (imaginative name), a broad expanse of prairie, a place that never was home to that many people. Picture gently rolling fields of grain that go on forever, a dusty road that sees little traffic, broad […]

Feb 102017
A Few Minutes in Hoosier

Tiny little middle-of-nowhere Hoosier is hanging on for dear life. A handful of people still live here, give or take, with more on farms in the immediate area. And while the CO-OP and Post Office slash Coffee Shop are open, it’s hardly thriving. There are just as many empty or forgotten dwellings and buildings in […]

Oct 182016
Prairie Sentinels – Flaxcombe Saskatchewan

Today we visit the lone grain elevator in Flaxcombe Saskatchewan. In the past there were a number of such structures in the community, but this is the last one. It’s a rare beast, here, and especially so when taken in the scope of the entire province – it’s one of some four hundred-ish like it […]

Sep 082016
Providence Grain – Marengo Saskatchewan

The always on the go BIGDoer.com crew are in the tiny burg of Marengo Saskatchewan to document the Providence Grain facility located there. Join us for a tour of this working grain elevator. It’s a bit different and is not one of the those high-throughput concrete super terminals common today, even if it sort of […]

Jul 222016
Empress AB then and now

The images we’ll be viewing today were captured two decades apart. The location is Empress Alberta, the scene taking us to the old railway line that once passed by town. In the first photo, we’re witness to perhaps the last run on the soon to be abandoned branchline, an enthusiast organized “speeder” outing, and today […]

Jul 062016
Empress Subdivision Bridge

Bridges, we love bridges! In fact, we can’t get enough of them! The fine bit of engineering we’ll be looking at today was a mighty one, approaching three quarters of a kilometre in length from end to end (fractions with metric, shame on me). About a century old, it once carried a railway line over […]

Jul 052016
GE Dash 8-40CM

Here’s an uncommon find, not one but count ’em, two, old GE Dash 8-40CM locomotives belonging to Canadian National Railways, found along a Saskatchewan secondary line. For someone who resides in the Canadian Pacific Railway-centric world of Southern Alberta, which the company almost monopolizes, seeing that “other” railway is a real treat. That we captured […]

Dec 032015
Stranraer SK school

This little school is closed, the community it’s in, a shadow of its former self. This is small town Saskatchewan in the twenty first century. The location is Stranraer, some fifty clicks from Rosetown, the nearest “big’ burg, some hundred and fifty from Saskatoon, the closest city, and about three hundred and eighty thousand from […]

Oct 292015
Prairie Sentinels – Fiske Saskatchewan

We’re crazy in love with old grain elevators and even though a lot of them have been lost over the last couple decades, Saskatchewan is still home to many. One of these can be found in the in the tiny middle-of-nowhere burg of Fiske, in the western part of the province. It’s a nice one, but of course all of them are.

Oct 072015
CFS Alsask Dome

Our subject is the very last “Pine Tree Line” radar dome, of many, many dozens that once existed across the nation, whose purpose was to scan the skies for approaching enemy aircraft. Part of CFS Alsask (Saskatchewan), it was one cog in an early warning system, spanning Canada, that dates back to the terrible days of the Cold War.

Oct 052015
Old Iron (SK edition)

All the photos seen below come from our June 2015 foray into west-central Saskatchewan. Odds and ends from that trip, these old vehicles, some going back to the 40s and 50s, some decades newer, were found in an area west of Saskatoon and halfway to the Alberta border. Makers represented include Ford. a number of GM divisions, Internationals, Kenworth, along with rare and strange ones like REO and Hudson.

Sep 292015
Canadian Forces Station Alsask

Join us for a tour of the long decommissioned Canadian Forces Station base in Alsask Saskatchewan, in operation during the dark days of the Cold War. We’ll be given extra special permission and all the time we need to explore most of the of the buildings left standing in the extensive complex, inside and out, some of them still used for various functions, others closed up and literal time capsules.

Sep 232015
Prairie Sentinels - Plenty Saskatchewan

There is an old wood-cribbed grain elevator in Plenty Saskatchewan, which we’ll be looking at here. These once common buildings, which could be seen all over the prairies, are pretty few and far between today, most of them having been torn down in the last couple decades. This one is even more unique as it’s still being used.

Sep 042015
The Clearwater

For one wondrous starry filled night, the Clearwater Drive-in Theatre, Kyle Saskatchewan, hosted the BIGDoer.com crew. We came, not to watch a movie, but to document a day in the life of this fascinating operation, doing it fly-on-the-wall style, recording what ever happens as it happens from the time the first employee arrives till the last car leaves.

Aug 042015

We’ve photographed and written about hundreds of abandoned places before, and many ghost towns too (browse BIGDoer.com and see). The report we’ll be presenting here will be a wee bit different from the norm however. We’ll not only talk about our subject and its history, Bents Saskatchewan, but we’ll touch on the struggles the land owner is experiencing due to the rise in “Ghost Town Tourism”; specifically the ugly side of that activity.