Feb 072017
The Big Red Bus

Affectionately she’s the Big Old Red Transit Bus or simply just Big Red. Spending a great deal of its almost fifty year working career in Calgary, hauling commuters or in charter service, it’s now in semi-retirement and resides with a collector in Edmonton. This iconic “Fishbowl”, the most common transit bus of its era, runs […]

Mar 242016
Calgary Transit then and now - MacDonald Bridge

Something close to seventy years separate the two images used in this BIGDoer.com then and now. The theme, one of our favourites for this type of report, and by traffic numbers something similar with our readers, is Calgary Transit or public transit in general. The location is the historic century plus old MacDonald Bridge in […]

Nov 062015
Baby Fishbowl

The General Motors produced New Look, “Fishbowl” to those who know and love them, was the most common transit bus of the 1960s-1980s. There were tens of thousands of them made in the US and Canada and nearly every transit agency, big or small, had some on the roster. Many up until recently. Even today, […]

Dec 102014
Spruce Meadows Fishbowls and Classics

The world renowned Spruce Meadows equestrian venue operates, via a private contractor, a fleet of guest shuttles, comprised of vintage buses from the 1960s-1990s. These green and white beasts earn their keep taking people to and from parking lots and transit stations to the huge event facility located at the south end of Calgary, for […]

Nov 042014
The last Classic?

Time has finally run out for Calgary Transit’s fleet of venerable MCI Classic buses and after some twenty five years of service they are being retired. In the last few years they’ve been used for peak service mostly and the number on the road varied depending on service levels and the like. All through the […]

May 122014
Calgary Transit then and now – Elbow Drive part 3

In the first picture it’s 1974 and a Calgary Transit trolley bus travels down Elbow Drive just south of downtown. Forty years later, we return to that location to see what’s changed…and a lot has. The city’s skyline, if it were not for a few buildings connecting the two images, is almost unrecognizable today when […]

Apr 102014
Calgary Transit then and now - old Shouldice Bridge - John Hextall Bridge

About a hundred years separate the two images seen in this report. Both show the old Shouldice Bridge (now the John Hextall Bridge) in the community of Bowness in western Calgary. In the first picture, a tram, with two proud crewmen posing for the camera, can be seen in front of the structure. In the […]

Mar 242014
Calgary Transit then and now - The Bay

It’s 1971 and we’re in downtown Calgary. Parked in front of the massive Hudson Bay Company outlet are a couple transit buses, including one trolley coach. I wonder what things there look like today? Well, let’s return to the location of the original photo and see. The HBC or “Bay” department store, an impressive structure […]