Mar 142017
Sixteen Clicks

We’ve trekked around the Glenmore Reservoir an awful lot. Most of the time we don’t record the outing, but it’s been a while since we posted a trip report on the place, so here we go. Usually you’ll find us here when there’s snow on the ground, the mountains of course being our playground once […]

Mar 062017
High River Loop

Here’s a nice little walk in a small town setting. You can’t beat that. It makes an easy loop around much of High River, passing all manner of interesting places and things to see along the way. There’s wooded groves near the Highwood River, lonely stretches along an irrigation canal, busy commercial strips, residential streets […]

Feb 092017
Interesting Inglewood

This city hike takes one through Inglewood. It’s a loop route, using residential and side streets, taking in all they have to offer, peace and quiet among them, and specifically avoiding the hectic core or main street of the community. Let’s enjoy stuff in the neighbourhood that’s not so often seen. Many quaint old homes […]

Feb 012017
Urban Trek - Ogden Shops Loop

This city hike makes a good sized loop around the CPR’s huge Ogden Shops complex. Along the way it takes in a variety of settings, quiet residential communities, empty streets in a long gone neighbourhood, and gritty, noisy, smelly industrial areas. I suspect we’re the only urban trekkers to like the latter, but we hope […]

Jan 192017
Calgary's Best Walks #10

Here’s a pleasant city hike. Inspiration for it comes from the book Calgary’s Best Walks (Lori Beattie, 2015) and for the most part follows route ten as laid out in its pages. The trek takes in a nice mix of green spaces (well, white in the depths of winter) and parks, older well established neighbourhoods […]

Jan 022017
Dwyer Farm

This old farm house is probably one of the most photographed abandoned buildings in the southwest corner of the province. We’ve seen countless pictures of it from any number of photographers and we’ve shot our share too. No doubt that it’s easy to find accounts for some of its popularity. But the clincher, the real […]

Dec 062016
Muley Ridge

Muley Ridge is one of the “Entrance Ridges”, so called given they’re right at the Kananaskis border. Located in the Sheep River area west of Turner Valley, there’s a nice little trail that takes in this long low lightly-forested north trending hill. The views from the summit and along the crest are certainly nice, but […]

Jun 022016
St Elias

Today we document the remains of a forgotten Monastery connected to the Orthodox Church, found in a remote corner of Northern Alberta. Deep in a wooded grove along a lonely back road, this unassuming cluster of small cobbled-together buildings are in varying states of advanced decay and most likely won’t be around for much longer. […]

May 172016

When the day’s all bleak and dreary and the wind blown snow stings, the cold and wet insufferable, the light a sombre depressing grey, it’s sometimes hard to be motivated to explore. Sure, we’re tough and resilient. but even we have our limits. And this day we found them. Not that the subject, in this […]

Mar 222016
Foran Grade to Windy Point Ridge

Normally done as two short and separate trips, parallel ridges Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge, in the Sheep River region of Kananaskis, can be combined into a single and longer outing by following our special approach. Neither is that high, they are humble foothills summits after all, but the views from each is pretty […]

Mar 212016
Seven Houses

The third report in what’s turning out to be an ongoing yearly series, it just kinda happened, where we casually catalogue all the houses still standing in downtown Calgary. The count today is seven, down one from the previous year. Some of them are still lived-in, some are now used by businesses as office space, […]

Mar 182016
Spaca Moskalyk Church

Today we’ll take a look at Spaca Moskalyk Ukrainian Catholic Church, impressive, photogenic, with perhaps a uncertain future. Located along a lonely back road on the vast northern Alberta plains, the majestic building is not aging as well and is suffering from some potentially serious structural issues. If these problems are not addressed and the […]