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Mt Loughheed and Windtower

In the final moments of the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain, Ennis del Mar, played by Heath Ledger, looks at a photo and whispers the words “Jack, I swear”. Filled with sadness he recalls his deceased friend and lover and the adventures and intimate moments they shared. The picture in that scene shows some mountains, reminding Ennis of the days when together they tended sheep in just such a setting.

It’s not entirely clear if the mountain shown in the photo is supposed to be a representation of the fictional Brokeback Mountain, or if it’s just an example of the surroundings they used to travel. In reality, the peak shown on the left is Mount Lougheed and the one on the right is called Windtower and they are located at Dead Man’s Flats near Canmore.

Our first photo was taken from the Centennial Ridge hiking trail parking lot. We were there to hike up nearby Wind Ridge and the second photo was taken from its summit.

For other scenes in the movie, Moose Mountain west of Bragg Creek stood into for its namesake.

Images from the movie are copyright Focus Features.

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Date: August, 2013.
Location: Kananaskis, AB near Dead Man’s Flats.

Brokeback Mountain postcard

A picture in one of the final scenes in the movie.

Mt Loughheed and Windtower

The mountains seen are Mt Lougheed on left and Windtower on right.


Windtower and Mt Lougheed

A different view of those mountains taken from a nearby ridge we climbed.


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1976 Boler
1976 Boler

What a lovely setting!