Aug 152013
Two Boler trailers

Outside of gatherings or conventions, finding two Boler Trailers together is pretty rare. This miss-matched pair was found in Sundre Alberta and being side by side it allows us to compare differences between the two sizes made.

The left one is the smaller but more common egg-like 13′ model. Its neighbour is the larger 17′ design which is more squared and has running lights and because of this, it’s (IMO) not nearly as cute. Of course it does make better use of the available space.

These two were spotted in August 2013 by me but the photo was taken by John Sharpe of Sharpeshots Photography (Calgary), who I was accompanying on a field trip.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. Very collectible and a we make a fun game spotting them on road trips.

Reference: The Bolerama.

If you need any more information, by all means contact us!

Two Boler trailers

Two Bolers found in Sundre Alberta.


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