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Brokeback Mountain Crossfield AB

The building we see here, doubling as Monroe’s Grocery in the film Brokeback Mountain, is actually located in the small Alberta town of Crossfield. In the movie the setting is Riverton Wyoming and both the exterior and interior were used in the production.

In those scenes, main character Ennis del Mar, played by the late Heath Ledger, visits his estranged wife Alma who is employed there. Monroe, who owns the store, will go on marry Alma after she and Ennis divorce shortly after.

On our visit the building was under renovation and it was so nice to see that all that old paint removed, exposing the beautiful brick exterior underneath. The worker did not know what was in store for the building, but give the work being done, it looks to have a good future.

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At this point, I have been unable to find any history on the structure, but research will continue of course. I do know that it sat empty for some time both before and after the movie was filmed. Since the movie was made, a new building has been built next door.

Crossfield is located directly north of Calgary and the Monroe Grocery scenes were the only ones filmed in that town. A different small village, Blackie which is located southeast of Calgary, fills in for Riverton in other scenes (Riverton bar, link below).

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Date: September, 2013.
Location: Crossfield, AB.

Brokeback Mountain Riverton grocery

Monroe’s Grocery (Riverton WY) from the movie.

Brokeback Mountain Crossfield AB

The building seen is actually located in Crossfield Alberta.


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Leslie Waren
Leslie Waren

There was once a plaque on the building which told of its history. It seems to be gone now, but maybe they will put it back on once the renos are done?