Dec 172013
Bawlf Company grain elevator

The elevator seen here, the tallest thing for kilometres around, sits at a farm north of Fort MacLeod Alberta. An old building, some says it dates from the 1910s, the current owners think the 1920s, the structure was moved here, from a nearby town, way back in the 1970s. What a sight and what a project that must have been. The people who own it, the Vandervalks, use it to store grain before it heads to market.

The building is rather interesting in that it’s the last Bawlf Company elevator (the firm that originally built it) left in the province. The old Bawlf lettering, if you are close to it and look hard, can still be seen on the building’s side. Now that’s amazing!

Update: December 2014. This first trip we viewed the building from afar, but in July 2014 we were invited by the elevator’s owners to tour the old building up close and personal (a wish come true). To see that report, to read a lot more about the building’s history and to view its inner workings, follow this link…
Prairie Sentinels – Woodhouse Alberta – Vandervalk Farm.

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Date of adventure: June, 2013.
Location: Fort MacLeod, AB.

Bawlf Company grain elevator

The last Bawlf Grain Company elevator in the province.


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Kathi Block
Kathi Block

For some, this one really speaks to me. I drove up to the farm house and they were more than happy to let me take some up close pictures of the elevator.