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Retallack BC

Soup is a wonderful mix of ingredients brought together to make a tasty concoction. These similarly named posts are much the same, a fusion of pictures and experiences selected from our huge and varied pantry. For this “bowl of goodness” we’ll look at some old lime kilns, an International L series truck, a flood damaged pedestrian bridge, an old corner store, some wild Turkeys and last a ghost town deep in the Silvery Slocan of BC. Enjoy!

1) In this picture we see century old the kilns at Lime City in the Crowsnest Pass. Located at the eastern edge of the famous Frank Slide, they mined the jumbled mass of limestone rock that in 1903 slide down off the face of Turtle Mountain. The material was broken down and cooked, eventually becoming a fine powder that was a competent of cement or mortar. It was packed into barrels and shipped out the CPR, which had a spur into the plant. The operation was started in 1912, but shut a half dozen years later. This operation will no doubt be the subject of a full report at some time on the future. Our photo was taken in December 2013.

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2) The truck seen here is a circa 1949-1952 International “L”, specifically an L110. A broad range of trucks were built in this series, from pickups to tractors and this was the smallest one offered. These were not produced for long before being replaced by the R series. Their predecessor was the KB model. This truck was seen in Fort MacLeod in late December 2013. It looks fairly complete and over all, not in terribly bad shape.

3) The damaged pedestrian bridge seen in this photo crosses the Bow River and is located in Fish Creek Park in south Calgary. We were out hiking this day (in winter, conditions often force us to stay in town) but unbeknownst to us the bridge we needed to cross was impassable and so we had to turn back here. This bridge and many others in town and all over the region were damaged by heavy flooding in the Spring of 2013 and looking at this one, it will surely be some time before its fixed. Our picture was taken in December 2013.

4) The Family Grocery or Family Groceteria is located on Centre Street in Calgary. One of the last old style corner stores in town, it’s not know if the business still operates. It looks rather run down and almost abandoned, however looking inside it appears that many of shelves were still stocked. Perhaps it opens later in the day? This building is worthy of a full report but we’d need better lighting and so will return when the weather improves (I hate flat winter light).

5) Seen here is a flock…no a gang…wait, no, a rafter…that’s it…a rafter of Wild Turkeys. These giant birds can be found in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta and into southeastern BC. In all the trips we’ve made into those areas (many), we’ve only seen a few groups, so they are fairly uncommon – in our experience anyway. Looking much like the domesticated Turkey, they in fact wild versions of that same (tasty) species. One of the the more homely critters on the planet, they have a face only a mother could love. Thank goodness their are no mirrors in the wild. You could just hear them – I look like that! They travel around in large bunches foraging for seeds and the like. These ones were spotted near Cranbrook BC in October 2013.

6) Last up is an old photo showing the ghost town of Retallack in the Slocan District of BC. Once a thriving mining community, the town was by the time I passed through, pretty much deserted and forgotten about. This trip was in the summer of 1989 and I was travelling to random places gypsy style in a old beater of a car, a 1976 Pontiac Ventura. It’s in the picture and it never let me down. I spent a month exploring BC and Alberta, but a tight budget prevented me from taking too many pictures (gosh photography was so expensive then). I hope to revisit this town and others in the area. It’s a fascinating place, so full of mining history. My kind of history!

These soup posts are picked at random and come from from a wide and varied selection of left overs and pictures that otherwise don’t fit in elsewhere.

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If you wish more information on any of these pictures, by all means contact us!

Lime City Crowsnest Pass

1) The old kilns at Lime City in the Crowsnest Pass.

International L series truck

2) A late 40s/early 50s International L series truck.

Flood damaged bridge Calgary

3) A flood damaged pedestrian bridge over the Bow River.

Family Groceteria Calgary

4) The Family Groceteria in Calgary.

Wild Turkeys BC

5) A flock, or is that gang…no it’s a rafter of Wild Turkeys.

Retallack BC

6) Some old buildings and my old car in Retallack BC.


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Prince Leon
Prince Leon

Fascinating, never heard about Lime City. I’ll have to check it out.


Turkeys? I have passed through the southeastern BC countless times and never seen one. I never knew.