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Bow River flooding

Heavy rain and unusually high snow pack in the mountains forced us to stay in town. Little did we know that there would be flooding everywhere and our choice of strolling along the Bow River might not have been such a good idea. Everywhere trails, picnic areas and parks where inundated by the swollen debris filled waters.

Well, at least that made it interesting.

Normally the water here is crystal clear and its shores are often dotted with fly fishermen working their magic. And boaters can usually be seen floating down it. In spite of passing through a major metropolitan area the waterway is well known for its cleanliness and great fishing. Today however, the boiling river is brown with mud and clogged with logs and tree branches. Not a great fishing environment and it makes me wonder how the fish could even survive it. The water was that thick and dirty.

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The area seen here is in Fish Creek Provincial Park at the south side of town. Normally one can follow trails up and down the river for dozens of kilometres, but today travel was limited to high sections of the pathway, well away from any rushing waters. Not a great place to plan a hike as it turns out.

In other places along this river and its tributaries, like thee Elbow, floods had forced people from their homes and damaged roads and businesses. The mess left when the water reseeded was substantial and a gooey brown ooze and tree branches and other debris covered everything. It was a bad time to live or work near a river.

Enjoy the ugly brown views!

Horrible floods hit Calgary in 2013 and to see some of the damage done by the rushing waters, click this link…
Collapsed Bonnybrook train bridge.

If you wish more information on this place, by all means contact us!

Date of adventure: May 2011.
Location: Calgary, Fish Creek park.

Bow River flood

An ugly mess that was once the a nice park.

Bow River flooding

Trail closed ahead…really?

Flooding Bow River

A pathway submerged, our planned route in fact.

Flood damage Calgary

The river is normally back some ten or twenty metres from here.

Floods Bow River

No picnics today!

Bow River flood damage

Remember…this is a park.


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