Apr 212014
Motel 9 Beiseker cropped

The Brokeback Mountain shot we’ll attempt to duplicate, which shows a motel exterior, appears only briefly in the movie. In spite of its short time on the screen, it’s an important and powerful few seconds which helps set the mood for the scenes that will follow.

Let’s take a screen capture from the film, then track down where it was filmed so we can take a similar picture. Sounds like fun!

The location seen is actually the Motel 9 in Beiseker Alberta. In the movie, we see the outside of it at night. Hard to spot due to the darkness is Ennis’ truck, parked in front of one unit, which hints at what is happening inside. In the proceeding scene Jack has paid Ennis (his long time secret lover) a visit and together they leave, supposedly for a few drinks. At least that is what Ennis tells his wife Alma, but instead the two men rendezvous here.

Only the motel’s exterior was used in the movie. They did not shoot inside it.

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Beiseker is a small town some 70km northeast of Calgary. We were there to document some grain elevators and the railway museum and took a few moments to capture our take on this this minor but crucial scene. Had it only been night time, we could have done it even better.

We found this location using nothing but our detective skills. We do not use sites like findingbrokeback.com, which would be too easy. We like to use good old fashioned research to find these subjects.

The image from the movie is copyright Focus Features.

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Date: April, 2014.
Location: Beiseker, AB.

Brokeback Mountain motel

A brief scene from Brokeback showing a motel exterior.

Motel 9 Beiseker AB

It’s actually the Motel 9 in Beiseker Alberta.


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I just saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time, and found it absolutely wonderful. You’re doing a great job tracking down the sites used in the film!