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Hodgeville Saskatchewan airport

At one time many towns across the prairies had small community airports, most of which it seems are now closed. Included in that tally is this one in Hodgeville Saskatchewan, the remains of which include a road sign, a cement foundation and one standing structure, presumably the office and control centre (the terminal). That’s all there is here.

Research so far has not turned up when the facility opened or closed or anything else about it for that matter. It is, so far, a bit of a mystery. It’s assumed this airport had a simple grass runway and what appears to be the faint outline of it can be seen in a field to the east, when viewed from Google Earth.

Airports like this were bases for small private planes and often agricultural services firms (“crop dusters”). As the cost of aircraft ownership increased over the years, these facilities lost most of their customers and closed.

As we know little on this subject we’ll continue to research it. If our readers have something to add, we’d love to hear from you

To read about the town’s grain elevators seen, go here…
Prairie Sentinels – Hodgeville Saskatchewan.

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Date of adventure: May, 2014.
Location: Hodgeville, SK.

Hodgeville Community Airport

The road sign for the Hodgeville Community Airport.

Hodgeville SK airport

The sign, the foundation in front and the building in back is all there is here.

Hodgeville Saskatchewan airport

Presumably the office and control building?


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Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder

Been away for a while. You two have been busy! Love old airports!


I was quite delighted to find this write-up as well as the one on the Hodgeville elevators. Hodgeville was home in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. The runway was grass just as you suspected. We had the privilege of a few flights from this airport on a four seater plane.