Nov 112014
Vintage camping trailer

A short couple years ago we documented the Big Pink Trailer of Barons Alberta, an amazing retro camper that I wished I owned. This RV dates from around 1960 and was made in Ontario. Built of aircraft aluminum, it’s in surprisingly good shape and looks fine even now, especially given it’s age and all. With a bit of work I bet would be a real gem to own. Picture a suitably vintage auto pulling it.

On our last visit we spoke with the trailer’s owner who happened to be nearby when we were photographing it, and he showed us the interior. There is a link below where you can see the insides. At the time he told us he hoped to sell the trailer (known as a Country Clipper 24, by Clipper Coach of Ilderton Ontario), but given that it’s still sitting where it was back then, I guess that didn’t happen. Too bad and I hope someone eventuality will show it some love. It’s nice!

To read more about this interesting camper, follow this link…
The Big Pink Trailer.

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Date of adventure: August, 2014.
Location: Barons, AB.

Vintage camping trailer

The Big Pink Trailer which we last looked at a couple years ago.

Retro camping trailer

To read more about it, follow the link in the article.


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Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder

Mine! I want it!