Nov 172014
Red and white Boler

It’s a summer evening and I’m exploring gritty industrial areas of Calgary in search of trains and anything else of interest. And I’m in looking for Bolers too. Interestingly, we often find them, many over the years in fact, tucked away in the back lots of factories and such.

An example of this is the nice little red and white Boler seen here, more orange and white in the magic hour light. Of all the two-tone colours offered by that firm, I like this one the best. Much better then brown and white or grey and white..or “Harvest Yellow” and white or “Avocado Green” and white, clearly a shout out to household appliances of the era, but awfully dated looking today.

Then again, isn’t it the whole retro-kitsch thing why we like them?

This Boler was seen in August 2014.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. Very collectible and a we make a fun game spotting them on road trips.

If you need any more information, by all means contact us!

Reference: The Bolerama.

Red and white Boler

This Boler was spotted in the back lot of an industrial firm in Calgary.


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