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Fort MacLoed Chinese Laundry

Built in the mid-1890s and looking every bit its age, the old wood framed Chinese Laundry building (aka OK Laundry), in Fort MacLeod Alberta is under threat of being torn down. Leaning and sagging, the structure has clearly seen better days. Is it to be saved, or will it soon fall? We’ll keep an eye on this and updates are likely to be forthcoming.

Over the years the building was occupied by many businesses. For most of its history however, it was a lowly laundry. Interestingly the store front faces the alley and not the street. The land on which it sits is now owned by a tire shop and all about the property is evidence of that.

An application (spring 2014) to demolish the building has been made. The current status of this is unknown but this author will be taking steps to find out more and if possible to revisit the structure to obtain further photos.

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Date of adventure: July, 2014.
Location: Fort MacLeod, AB.

Chinese Laundry Fort MacLeod

The old Chinese Laundry building in Fort MacLeod.

Fort MacLoed Chinese Laundry

The faint sign above the door can still be read.


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Lyle Cheney
Lyle Cheney

Cool!. Anything inside worth looking at?

Karla Handy
Karla Handy

This needs to be protected. I can’t believe its not a heritage building??

Jason Sailer

This building was demolished at the end of November 2016. The Town ok’d the demolition permit, and the Province didn’t want nothing to do with it. Nobody from the area volunteered to save it.