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Filming locations Natty Gann

Interior then and now shots are tough! With everything so tight and close in and all those complex lines it’s near impossible to make things look right. Move a fraction to get a better angle on axis X and you’ll ruin Y. Fix Y and ruin X and so on. At best it’s a compromise, so forgive us if this series, in respects to this problem, is not as good as most we’ve presented lately. We’ll get better with time.

In this report we’ll be looking at a few screen captures from the 1985 Disney flick, Journey of Natty Gann. It’s not a terribly well known movie, but it’s a good one, if not a bit overly sweet and sentimental, that we recommend you watch. It follow the exploits of the film’s namesake (played by Meredith Salenger), as she travels the “US, having earlier run away from her guardian, in search of her father who’s said to be working in a lumber camp out west.

Join us as visit some locations seen in the movie to see how things look today. A fun project!

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Much of this production, these scenes included here, were shot in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta. It’s always been cheaper and easier to come up here I guess. Canada, in many movies, doubles for the US.

In these scenes, Natty has been forced to attend reform school for being vagrant. She quickly escapes however and continues on her way.

The building seen here is an old school. It was closed down prior to filming and has sat vacant ever since which explains why it’s so little has changed between then and now. The building itself, soon to be a subject of its own report, is in fine shape overall, although vandals have gotten in and made a bit of a mess. We had permission to enter. It’s otherwise not publicly accessible.

A lot of scenes form the Natty Gann movie was shot in this area we frequent and so expect more then and now posts that use it for fodder.

Images from the movie Journey of Natty Gann are copyright Disney Studios.

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If you wish more information on what you’ve seen here, by all means contact us!

Date: December, 2014.
Location: Crowsnest Pass, AB.
The places we’ve shown are on private property and therefore are not publicly accessible.

Natty Gann reforrn school (1)

A “reform school” scene from the 1985 movie Journey of Natty Gann.

Natty Gann locations

The same location as it appears today.


Natty Gann reforrn school (2)


Natty Gann filming locations

And how it looks now.


Natty Gann reforrn school (3)

Natty is seen in front.

Filming locations Natty Gann

As can be seen, little has changed.


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veronica h mark
veronica h mark

I just watched this last week and had no idea this film was shot in the Crowsnest Pass.


So very good. One of the best movies evahhhhh! I can not watch it without crying at the end.