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Wrenthan Alberta

Conrad Alberta still merits a dot on most maps, even though there is really nothing left of the town, save for a couple homes, the moribund remains of a CPR branch line and the old station sign next to the tracks. The community was established in the 1910s and never home to more then a handful of people.

The track here is the CPR’s Stirling Subdivision which once ran from its namesake town all the way southeastern Alberta and beyond. The last train to use the line was well over a decade ago. For now the mostly weed choked track remains in place, but who knows for how long.

Looking west we can see one of two grain elevators that call the next town down the line home, about eight kilometres away. This is Wrentham. A group, of which I am a member, is working to save one of those historic prairie sentinels there.

To see the Conrad railway depot, go here…
Champion Park

To read about one of Wrentham’s grain elevators, follow this link…
Ogilvie grain elevator Wrentham Alberta

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Date of adventure: August, 2014.
Location: Conrad, AB.

Conrad Alberta

Conrad Alberta: disused tracks and the old station sign.

Wrenthan Alberta

In the distance, a grain elevator from the next town over (Wrentham) can be seen.


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Gerald Tyshkewich
Gerald Tyshkewich

My grandparents farmed wheat just a couple kilometers south of Conrad. I have been in the Conrad elevators with my grandfather.