Jan 162015
Big barn

With scant time to spare before the sun set completely, fellow history buff Jon Dirks and I take a few minutes, in waning light, to explore a barn near the town of Gleichen, east of Calgary. A barn is a barn right? Sure, but this one is a little different and is simply huge in size. Even from kilometres away, its monstrous outline can be seen off in the distance alone on the prairie.

We sure had wonderful light this visit, what with all those blue skies and the lovely golden fields, and the glow of the sun on the weathered wood. It was a stunning scene that only lasted a few moments.

Since we did not have the opportunity to truly explore this fine structure further, we have made plans to return sometime soon. We have tracked down the barn’s owner and once we reshoot, we’ll post a much more detailed article about it including, hopefully, some history on the structure. I for one, am curious about its size.

This same adventure we explored this historic site…
Gleichen Buffalo Jump – with Jon Dirks.

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If you need any more information on what we talked about here, by all means contact us!

Date of adventure: October, 2013.
Location: Near Gleichen, AB.

Big old barn

A quick look at this huge barn just as the sun sets.

Big barn

We hope to return to reshoot it sometime soon.


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Janice Smith
Janice Smith

A sturdy looking barn built by talented craftsmen, great shots!

Shirley Bergen
Shirley Bergen

Oh what stories it could tell, what changes it has experienced and still survived all that punishing weather … A grand old building.