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Galt Mine #8

In production from 1934-1957, Galt #8 was the last coal mine in the Lethbridge area. Remains seen today include a head frame, water tower and work shops. Once owned by the CPR, now in private hands, the operation sits right beside the famous Lethbridge Viaduct train bridge, the longest and highest of its type in the world, just across the Oldman River valley from the city core.

This was the last Galt Mine, a firm whose legacy goes back to the 1880s. Mines one through seven were located on the east side of the river with some tunneling taking place right under downtown.

Coal produced here was used by the railway and for domestic use (heating and cooking).

The headframe is simply hoisting system allowing miners access to the underground workings and to bring coal to the surface.

Plans are afoot to turn the complex into an historical attraction. For the time being however, a cement firm uses the grounds. This author is working on gaining access to the site and our readers can expect, hopefully, a report on this in the not too distant future.

Our shot was taken from public property.

To see a nearby train bridge, a huge one that that, go here…
Canadian Pacific Railway then and now – Lethbridge Alberta Viaduct

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Date of adventure: August, 2014.
Location: Lethbridge, AB.

Galt Mine #8

Remains of the Galt #8 Mine in Lethbridge.


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Steve Boyko

Thanks – I was wondering what that structure was!