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Canada Malting Beiseker

Here’s something we’ve personally never seen before: grain cars, presumably spotted there for loading, sitting at the old Cargill, now Canada Malting, grain elevator in Beiseker. We’ve been driving past the building with regularity since the 1990s and this is a first for us. Any time we’ve checked the siding has been empty and the rails themselves heavily rusted-over from a lack of use.

Why, all of a sudden, are they shipping grain from here? Our call to the company was not returned. Finding an old small scale elevator like this shipping grain today is almost newsworthy. It must be some kind of special circumstances.

This building dates from the late 1970s although there are some conflicting reports that mention it’s a few years younger. Regardless, it’s a late example of the traditional wooden elevator. The original owner was Cargill Grain, whose old faded sign can still seen on the building’s side. The current occupant is Canada Malting, who as I understood only used it for temporary storage of grain, used in the production of beer and liquor, and NOT for transfer to rail cars. I guess what we were told was wrong…

To read about the elevator, and another nearby, in depth, click this link…
Prairie Sentinels – Beiseker Alberta (CNR).

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Date of adventure: October, 2014.
Location: Beiseker, AB.
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Canada Malting Beiseker

Cars on the Canada Malting elevator siding?

Beiseker Canada Malting

We’ve never seen this before…


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Nathan Speelman
Nathan Speelman

I worked there they used to load cars there every 3 weeks. It was a great plant to load cars out of.