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Ft MacLeod grain elevator

For some reason, which I probably can’t really explain, I thought it’d be plain and simple fun to dress up in climbing gear in front of a grain elevator, as though one was about to scale it. We’re always studying these buildings as we travel about, and we have the equipment, so why not? Let’s put them together. Perhaps there is some strange underlying symbolism here we wanted to express that motivated the photo, but more then anything it just seemed like something interesting to do at the time, and likely nothing more.

We’ve scaled the occasional good-sized mountain ourselves although none were really anything technical in nature. That’s beyond our skill set and comfort level. We like the big gentle hills and ridges, with a true scramble thrown in every now and then, for good measure. Our climbing gear includes a the helmet which we actual use more for mine exploration and caving then anything else, the rope is some fabric from our old clothing operation, the carabiners are actually pack clips, and the hiking poles are well, hiking poles.

“Our climber looks on, the summit in view, the south face beckoning, a most difficult ascent ahead…”

To read more about the grain elevator seen, follow this link…
Prairie Sentinels – Fort MacLeod Alberta.

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Date of adventure: December, 2014.
Location: Fort MacLeod, AB.
Permission should be requested prior to visiting the location we’ve shown here.

Ft MacLeod grain elevator

Ready to scale the south face…


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You sure do get creative with your images. What fun you have.

Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

I have my work cut our for me.