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Calgary Thorncliffe neighbourhood

Our goal here is quite simple. A viewer has sent us an old photo showing a Calgary street scene and we’ve been asked by them to find the location, as a challenge. They know where it is, we don’t. We’re not here to discuss the history of anything, it’s just a fun treasure hunt, made a bit harder since we’ve been given no clues, no hints, no nothing to work with, only the photo. We’ll have to rely on our detective skills to get the job done and nothing else, a difficult task that takes some time, but one we feel we’re up to.

The person who sent us the image did not elaborate on it, other then saying it was taken in the neighbourhood they grew up in and was shot by their parents (see correction below). They think it’s from the 1970s and that seems reasonable. The cars seen look like they’re from that era, although the photo is a bit too unclear to positively identify them.

The neighbourhood here is Thorncliffe in the northwest, a community established in the 1950s. Notice how much all the trees have grown up since the old photo was taken. The power pole on the right, still has a lean today as it did then. Cool!

If you’d like to submit a needle in a haystack challenge, contact us for details. We dare you!

Update: Seems the person who sent us the “then” photo was not the true owner. Credit actually goes to Francois Arseneault. Sorry for the confusion Francois.

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Date of adventure: January, 2015.
Location: Calgary, AB.
All the places seen in this report are publicly accessible.

Calgary Thorncliffe

Our goal: find this location using only this photo (from Francois Arseneault, circa 1970s).

Calgary Thorncliffe neighbourhood

And here’s the spot some forty years later.


Thorncliffe neighbourhood Calgary

A closer look at the house seen in back.


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Lisa B
Lisa B

How do you do this!!!

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Looks the same, just the trees got larger.

monica smith
monica smith

I love it! And wonder how you do it.