Mar 092015
Firestone Tower Calgary

This old fire hydrant and the tall tower seen in behind, emblazoned with the Firestone Company name, are pretty much all that’s left of a tire plant that once operated in Calgary. In production from 1960-1978. the factory lands are for the most part an empty field, siting next to a busy thoroughfare, the tower seen by huge numbers of passing motorists each and every day.

These remains remind us that Calgary at one time had an industrial base, albeit a small one, not related to oil and gas. Exactly why the factory closed is not yet known. We’re heard the blanket phrase “changing markets” tossed about, but what exactly does that mean here? If the city has plans for the land, a small part of which today is used for transit parking, they’re being tight lipped about it.

A company jingle from the time the Calgary plant was in operation…

    Wherever wheels are rolling,
    No matter what the load,
    The name that’s known is Firestone,
    Where the rubber meets the road!

Check out these interesting remains…
Blackfoot Farmer’s Market

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Date of adventure: March, 2015.
Location: Calgary, AB.
All the places seen in this report are publicly accessible.

Firestone Tower Calgary

A tower and hydrant, remains of the Firestone Factory in Calgary.


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George Stringham
George Stringham

I remember the Firestone plant, and the Willard Battery plant. Both are gone now… Some call it progress…


Pretty cool Chris. it is one of those places you drive by all the time and take for granted.