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Legend AB grain elevator

The large wooden structure seen here is an annex, a simple ancillary building used to increase the storage capacity of a grain elevator. This particular example used to sit along the trains tracks in the tiny burg of Legend Alberta, in the proverbial middle of nowhere. After the elevator it was attached to closed, in the 1990s I am told, the annex was moved to a farm, roughly a few dozen kilometres away, to be used as a grain storage bin. This is where we found it.

That farm today, located near the town of Nemiscam (also spelled Nemiskam), is now forgotten and deserted. Eking out a living in this dry belt region has never been easy and abandoned farms and towns dot the countryside in the general area.

If you look hard, the paint is very faded, you can see the old United Grain Growers logo, in blue and white, on the one side of the building. This sign tells us who last owned it. This annex has its own man-lift, rare I understand for this type of structure, which is a hand operated elevator used to access the top of the grain bins. We took some photos of it, but none were that good. That means we’ll have to return.

To see a very nice elevator located not that far away…
Ogilvie grain elevator Wrentham Alberta.

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Date of adventure: August, 2014.
Location: Near Nemiscam/Nemiskam, AB.
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Legend AB grain elevator

An old grain elevator annex, found in the middle of nowhere.


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Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

Wonderful Alberta blue skies!