Mar 122015
Blue Boler Trailer

This 13 foot Boler (when built Canada did not use the metric system) was found in southwest Calgary, not terribly far from where were live, on a blustery cold day in early December 2014. You might say it’s feeling a little blue, what with the low temperatures, that blue bottom and similarly coloured tarp covering it all up.

Interesting fact: some of these little trailers were made right here in town, at a firm called Neonex, and we’ll be seeking out the location of this factory, surely what is sacred ground for Boler aficionados, in the not too distant future.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. We make a fun game spotting them on road trips.

If you need any more information, by all means contact us!

Reference: The Bolerama.

Blue Boler Trailer

This Boler is a bit blue.


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