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Old bridge Moose Jaw SK

The old road bridge we’re looking at here, located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, is something close to a hundred years old and is still sees use to this day. Crossing over the placid Moose Jaw River, a winding and rather muddy water course, it’s located inside a city park. That it does not see heavy use and appears in good shape, it’s likely that it’ll continue to serve for some time to come.

This bridge uses a variation of the Parker (sometimes called Camelback or Parker Camelback) truss system. Most sources seem to agree that it was constructed about 1912. The firm that made, the Saskatchewan Bridge and Iron Company Ltd., was located right in town. This metal fabricating firm was in business during the 1910s. This author has found no other bridge existing today that has been confirmed to have come from this manufacturer, so heir output in that field must have been modest.

The location here is Wakamow Valley park just southeast of downtown. Based on the layout of the structure and the roads leading to and from it, this may have been the main highway south out of town. There is a second bridge, similar in size, age and appearance, located not far away, which will be the subject of its own report soon.

A BIGDoer trademark then and now shot in the city…
Moose Jaw SK then and now – CPR train station.

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Date of adventure: May, 2014.
Location: Moose Jaw, SK.
Everything seen here is publicly accessible.

Old bridge Moose Jaw SK

A century old road bridge found in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Sask Bridge and Iron Co

Saskatchewan Bridge and Iron operated in the city in the 1910s.


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Emily O

Dan & I have a thing for bridges too!

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L. Neil

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